Jones Road Just Launched "The Best Blush" Ever

Leave it to Bobbi Brown to create the perfect flush.

Model using Jones Road The Best Blush

Jones Road

TBH, blush is a necessity in every makeup kit. It adds *just* the right amount of color to your cheeks, instantly making you look fresh, awake, and ready to take on your day. The handy makeup product comes in a variety of neutral-colored hues, ranging from rosy pinks to darker mauves that seemingly compliment every complexion perfectly. The only problem? Finding a blush that stays on all day, without making your face look cakey or flat.

Luckily for us, Jones Road, the brand by legendary makeup artist Bobbi Brown, has just launched a blush that's the answer to all our prayers: The Best Blush ($28). The newest launch is both sheer and buildable and adds the perfect amount of color to your cheeks. Interested to learn more? We thought so. Keep reading for all the juicy details on the new blush.

The Inspiration

Since Bobbi Brown first entered the makeup industry, she's been enamored with powder blush. Whether she was on set or working with real women, it was the one product she always used to complete each look. Even on days when she wasn't wearing makeup, you would find a pop of pink on Brown's cheeks.

Since she adored it so much, it became her signature, so it only makes sense that she would set out to create her version of the perfect blush. Some prerequisites for Brown's ideal blush included a variety of hues that worked on all skin tones, a formula that is buildable, and could be worn alone or over other Jones Road products.

The Product

With The Best Blush, you'll find a powder blush with a formula that's both sheer and buildable—without leaving the skin looking chalky or flat. It arrives in five universally flattering hues, ranging from Pop (a gorgeous matte shade of pink) to Berry (a matte deep plump). The five carefully crafted shades are meant to lift and enhance a wide range of skin tones and can add a soft, natural color or a bold pop to cheeks.

According to Brown, it even works well on skin with rosacea, and will help add the natural pink back to the skin after concealer or foundation application. The blush can be worn alone, on top of the brand's Miracle Balm, or on top of the Lip & Cheek Stick.

How To Apply

Application for the powder blush is like you would apply any other, simply smile and apply it from the apple of your cheek up to your hairline using the Blush Brush or a wide brush. Any excess powder may be applied to the hairline or the nose to make the blush look even more natural.

Brown advises choosing a shade that matches the color of your cheeks when pinched for the most natural look. If you want a bolder pop, apply a brighter shade on top. "Layer two shades to get the best color," explains Brown. In other words, you can have fun with it.

My Review

Simply put, blush is my all time favorite makeup product. I don't ever leave my house without a pop of it. When I first got my hands on this blush, I knew it would be fantastic and it did not disappoint. With one swipe of the blush, you get tons of blendable pigment that can built up or left alone. The application is super simple, which is something that can be a bit tricky with blush, and it's genuinely the perfect blush. Honestly, I've been wearing it every single day since I first tried it and I am obsessed.

Rachel wears Jones Road Best Blush

Rachel Dube

Jones Road The Best Blush
Jones Road The Best Blush $28.00

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