Meet the Most Versatile Contour Kit Ever

Contour palettes are great for those who can sculpt and highlight like its second nature (or, like, after watching 50 YouTube tutorials), but for the rest of the world, just a few key shades are all that’s really necessary. Enter: ISH Contour Kit ($32), created by makeup artist extraordinaire Joey Maalouf in partnership with FabFitFun. “I wanted to create a kit that would make contouring look more natural,” Maalof explained at the launch. The kit from ISH (which stands for #IMSMOKINGHOT, because girl power) comes in two versions—Light/Medium and Medium/Dark—each containing four products: a universally flattering blush, bronzer, contour, and subtle highlighter. As Maalouf breezily swished the shades across my face, I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of fear: It felt like he was applying a lot of product, and visions of overly-sculpted cheekbones danced through my head (it was a work day, after all). But when I looked at myself in the mirror, I was surprised. The powders all blended seamlessly together for a subtle, sculpted look that was indeed natural.

Another bonus: Since the colors are so soft and versatile, Maalouf told me that you can actually use the matte bronzer color and highlighter as eye shadow (which he demonstrated on me). The result was a subtle, sun-kissed look that was the opposite of the beauty look made infamous by a family with the last name that starts with K.

At the end of the day, I did notice that my face was slightly oilier than usual… but at least my cheekbones were more pronounced. #Priorities

Watch the video below to see how the kit was made!

You can snatch up the Contour Kit ($32) and the three corresponding brushes at


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