No Equipment, No Excuses: Joe Wicks's Best Workouts (and Yes, We Stole His Line)

joe wicks

If you want simple, easy, quick and effective workouts, then there are few better people to turn to on Instagram and YouTube than Joe Wicks. Wicks's workouts are designed so that everyone can give them a go and get great results (he hasn't racked up 3.5 million followers on Instagram and over 2.18 million subscribers on YouTube for nothing). What's key is that most of his workouts, just like his #leanin15 recipes take no longer than 15 minutes to complete—so you can factor one in every day if you like. They also don't require tons of equipment or a pricey gym membership, which is another plus in their favor. You probably follow Wicks on Instagram, but have you visited his YouTube channel? It's a handy hub for all his full-length workout videos. We've collated seven of his best 15-minute HIIT workouts below, one for each day of the week (if you're feeling super energised).

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