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Joe Jonas Wants to End The Stigma Around Injectables

Like most 20-something millennials who grew up watching Disney Channel, I grew up—in some capacity—with the Jonas Brothers. We've seen the trio entertain, grow, and evolve over the years, which made my meeting with Joe Jonas on Zoom equally sweet and nostalgic.

I met the singer to discuss his newest partnership with Xeomin, a new-to-market injectable that the brand calls a "smart toxin." Now, despite feeling like I've grown old with Jonas and his siblings, there's very little I've assumed I would have in common with the star (who just received a spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame). However, during our conversation, I was quickly proven wrong.

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For starters, Jonas' first few words to me included a genuinely glowing compliment about my cheap prescription frames. So, firstly, we share great taste in eyeglasses. More exciting was the openness to injectibles we both share. In today's beauty climate, most celebrities are creating their own product-focused brands, so it was refreshing to discuss a partnership about injectables, a topic still taboo to many people. "There's a lot of stigma around injectables," Jonas tells me. "I have a lot of guy friends who have gotten treatments done, but they will be hush about it or ask me at dinner if I've noticed anything different." That stigma is what Jonas hopes to change with his new partnership.

Like anyone dabbling into injectables for the first time, there were a few things Jonas took into consideration before trying the treatment, mainly considering the safety, ingredients, and efficacy of Xeomin. He received his first treatment last year for his frown lines and has been happy with his results. "I've had great conversations about injectables with people who wouldn't typically speak on it," he says. "I've been really busy lately, but I'll be back for more." Most neurotoxin injectables can last anywhere from three to six months.

A smart beauty enthusiast, though, Jonas knows there's no shortcut to healthy skin, a lesson he's learned as an adult growing up in a demanding industry. "I've smartened up about taking care of myself physically and mentally," he tells me. "I've learned the importance of how things can affect you as we age. I can't eat and drink the same things I did as a teen or young adult, even for my voice as a musician." So, for the performer, routine is "everything."

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On most mornings, he commits to a deep cleansing Kiehl's face wash, which he says wakes him up instantly. Jonas also says he likes to opt for an at-home treatment, like eye gels, to perk up his skin when his schedule allows. "There's a product called Bro Mask that I use, and it's a set of eye gels with the word 'bro" in it for some reason," he says. "I guess all the guys are using it."

Before a big event, like prepping for a Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony, Jonas tells me he prioritizes a good night's rest, which his Oura ring helps with. "I'm enjoying using it for exercise and sleep," he says. Of course, there's also help from coffee and his longtime groomer Marissa Machado, who Jonas says he's learned much from. "We've been working with the same groomer for about 15 years, and she's done a great job at touchups that don't feel like I'm wearing tons of makeup," he says.

I've smartened up about taking care of myself physically and mentally.

Internally, Jonas tries to eat mindfully, reaching for healthier food options when he can. He tells me that consistently working on his mental health is a huge part of his overall self-care routine. "I wake up, meditate, spend time with my Bible, and write a gratitude list all before I text anyone or read an article," he shares. "This helps me be present, and it's always a work in progress, but it helps to have time before you take on the world's chaos."

My conversation with Jonas was nothing short of refreshing, especially in a cluttered celebrity beauty space where consumers are begging for transparency. The dad of two also beamed with happiness when I shared that I was expecting my first child during our talk (the reason I can't try Xeomin for myself—for now). His advice to me? "Enjoy this amazing time."

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Jonas shaking the stigma around men and injectables is just one of many conversations we can continue having about cosmetics to ensure that everyone is informed to make the best decisions. When I closed my Zoom window, I walked to my living room, where I bragged to my partner about how chill and honest Jonas was about his experience. That conversation may have fully convinced him to try a cosmetic treatment for his frown lines, too. So, thanks, Joe.

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