This New Korean Makeup Brand at CVS Is Surprisingly Good

Korean for "I like it," Joah serves as a cosmetic playground without sacrificing your bank account. The brainchild of Kiss Products (known for its press-on nails and eyelashes) and CVS, the brand is inspired by South Korean beauty trends and products and is said to be the first full-range K-beauty-influenced cosmetics line in the mass market.

"It is a line of cosmetics that invites you to have fun and enjoy your makeup experience," says  Andrea Harrison, senior director and divisional merchandising manager of beauty at CVS. "We continue to find new ways to expand upon our current offerings, particularly when it comes to K-beauty-inspired brands like Joah that encourage playful exploration through cosmetics."

My first introduction to the brand was at a Technicolor venue in Manhattan padded by tables upon tables of candy, cookies, and sweets to evoke a child-like fantasy mirroring Joah's sentiment of "playful exploration." A makeup artist did a full face of makeup on me using various Joah offerings, and when I stepped outside to catch my Uber, I was so shocked at the lustrous glow I was giving off that I gratuitously flipped on my phone's front-facing camera and snapped a quick video to show my friends.