Can You Guess Which New Fragrance Keeps Selling Out at Sephora?

Fall is the perfect time to make some much-needed adaptations to our beauty routines, from the consistency of our nighttime moisturizer to the shade of our go-to lipstick (a deep berry, if you're curious). And the changing of the seasons evokes plenty of beauty inspiration—especially when it comes to our signature scent.

But unlike makeup products and skincare, the realm of fragrance doesn't as easily lend itself to cutting-edge innovation, and a pint-size rollerball or solid balm is as far as we stray from our preferred bottle of eau de parfum or toilette. 

However, in a rather splendid turn of events this month, OG fragrance connoisseur Jo Malone is disrupting the monotony, and consumers (especially the collective population of Sephora) are going crazy. The culprit: a paintbrush.

Jo Loves Fragrance Paintbrush Gel $55

Five years ago, Jo Malone (particularly worshipped for her celeb-coveted candles) dipped her toe into the business of fragrance and launched her collection, Jo Loves. And, as one does when they're an industry pioneer, she's recently joined forces with Sephora (joining the likes of other beauty geniuses like Pat McGrath and Natasha Denona) while simultaneously releasing an innovative new kid to the fragrance block, a gel-based paintbrush. 

With an initial waiting list of over 3000, to say the product was highly anticipated would be a gross understatement. Originally released on the brand's website, it made its long-awaited debut on two weeks ago, and customers have been swarming at what seems to be an exponential pace, with two of the four scents (Pomelo and Red Truffle 21), selling out within the first 24 hours.

"Your body is the canvas, you are the artist, now paint with fragrance.". — Jo Malone

Unlike rollerballs or solid perfumes, (our on-the-go fragrance fallback for years), the new gel-based formula is revolutionizing the scent industry: "With a formula which holds the fragrance and dries in seconds, it allows you to apply and top up your favorite fragrance wherever you are - whether traveling, at work, or on the go," says the brand.

And after three years of meticulous formulation, the warm reception shouldn't come as a huge surprise. Plus, as of today, Sephora has re-stocked its supply. With four signature Jo Loves scents to choose from (Pomelo, Green Orange & Coriander, Red Truffle 21, and White Rose & Lemon Leaves), we recommend acting fast.

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