Natalie Portman's Makeup Artist Shows Us How to Create an "Underliner" Eye



Jo Baker is a British makeup artist who works with celebrities like Natalie Portman, Emmy Rossum, and Ruby Rose. She loves a good stand out eye look (just like us), which is why we asked her to film a tutorial to show us exactly how she so perfectly achieves the "under liner” eye makeup look. It also goes by “upside-down eye makeup,” and it’s a trend that has been worn by everyone from beauty influencers, to runway models and celebrities. It involves concentrating the bulk of your eye makeup (bonus points if you use a bright color) along the lower lash line, as opposed to the upper lash line, which is more traditional. The result is unexpected, edgy, and totally chic.

From a budge-proof amethyst eye pencil to a bronzer she swears by for giving the perfect "golden warmth" to the skin, see all of the products she uses, as well as how she uses them, to create this stunning look. All you have to do is watch the full video below.


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