JLo's All-White Wedding Manicure Had a Hidden Meaning

A subtle, but special detail.

J Lo at her wedding

Jennifer Lopez

After twenty years in each other's lives, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck officially tied the knot this summer on July 16th in Las Vegas, and then again in August 20th in Georgia, surrounded by friends, family, and loved ones.

Now, it comes as no surprise that a glowing JLo looked glamorous on her wedding day with three custom Ralph Lauren gowns, pearl drop earrings, and an elegant slicked-back hairdo—but a detail that some may have missed? JLo’s dainty sparkling hummingbird manicure.

Celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik exclaims that “White on white on white was the vibe!” in a photo he posted of Lopez’s manicure. So, how did Bachik give JLo the wedding mani of her dreams? Bachik started the custom wedding manicure off by prepping the cuticles with tools from his recent collaboration with Tweezerman, along with adding length with gel tips.

“Jen is loving milky nails,” Bachik explains in his post. “I love how they give a timeless feel and an elegant twist to a classic French.” He explains how he custom blended the Mia Secret Gelux White Gel Polish ($12) with the Mia Secret Luxury Base And Top Gel ($10) to dilute the white color and create a sheer, milky depth.

After completing the base, Bachik reached for the Mia Secret Gel Paint in Snow White ($9) along with a small detail brush to create small, hazy flowers and, “a singular hummingbird (special to her) only on her ring finger.” Bachik chose to work with all-white colors to keep the artwork subtle, “and barely noticeable—except to those who knew.”

Sounds mysterious, right? Here’s why it was so important for JLo to don a hummingbird on her special day. “Birds always fly around me,” JLo explained in her newsletter, On the JLo, earlier this year. “I've always had a special connection with hummingbirds. I realized that a lot of people say they symbolize love…Whenever I am in a moment of doubt and confusion, one will magically appear by my window, reminding me that the universe will always speak to us if we are open to the signs."

Of course, it wouldn’t be a JLo celebration without her iconic glow, which extended to her mani, too. Bachik used the Mia Secret Gelux Silver Glitter ($12) sparingly, saving the sparkle for her tips and flower designs. To ensure that JLo’s nailbeds were fresh and dewy the whole night through, Bachik says, “I finished with Chanel L’Huile Camelia Hydrating and Fortifying Oil ($32), mixed with a little Chanel Le Lift La Crème Main ($65) for a cuticle cocktail to help make her cuticles and skin radiate.”

There couldn’t have been a better manicure for Lopez’s big day—Bachik combined a trendy milky color and a design that touches JLo’s heart for a look that’s surely going straight to wedding mood boards everywhere.

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