TikTok is Making Puzzles Cool Again—Meet the Most Stylish Option of 2023

Jiggy Puzzles is redefining wellness one puzzle at a time

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Jiggy puzzles is redefining wellness one puzzle at a time

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When I was younger, I was never very good at sitting still. I needed something mindless to occupy my mind, even if I was watching TV. Fast forward twenty-something years, not much has changed; even when I’m binging Netflix or listening to a podcast, I almost always find myself unintentionally scrolling TikTok. In an effort to cut down on screen time, I considered trying other activities that would occupy my mind while also helping me get into a chill state before bed. Enter: Jiggy Puzzles.

Born out of the need to reinvent the classic (and mundane) jigsaw puzzles we all grew up with, Jiggy takes puzzling to the next level. Each puzzle features super cute art made by emerging female artists, giving it a unique art-you-can-frame novelty that many other options on the market lack. Not only are the designs modern and fresh, but they’re gorgeous before, during, and after completion, whether they’re in pieces on your kitchen table or proudly displayed on your living room wall.

Where to Buy Jiggy Puzzles

Disco Moonlight Jiggy Puzzles

Jiggy Puzzles

  • Shop now: Jiggy Puzzles, $49 for 800 pieces, $40 for 450 pieces
  • Shop now: Amazon, $49 for 800 pieces, $40 for 450 pieces

Whether you’re looking for a new form of mindless meditation, trying to spend less time on your phone, or support a women-owned business, you’ll love Jiggy. Founder Kaylin Marcotte actually uses Jiggy as a form of self-reflection as she’s winding down from her day. Not everyone can meditate (I certainly can’t), but, believe it or not, puzzling has been proven to have a similar effect, regulating distressing emotions and preventing chronic stress—as long as you keep at it, piece by piece. In fact, Pinterest even called puzzles one of the biggest wellness trends of 2023, so we’re not alone in seeing the self-care benefits of the hobby. 

Each puzzle design is created by an emerging female or non-binary artist, with a percentage of every sale going directly to the artist. What’s more, Jiggy partners with notable individuals and companies year-round to help empower women and other marginalized groups. Over the past year, the brand has partnered with the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement, The Pad Project, Kacey Musgraves, and more. Jiggy also recently launched Jiggy Studio, a marketplace where independent female artists can sell their artwork in the form of unique puzzle designs and receive 25% of the sales. 

Each time I work on my puzzle (I personally have the Disco Moonlight by Katie Smith puzzle),  I’m actively working towards something, so my mind is occupied without looking at my phone or my computer. I find that when I go to bed after I work on my puzzle (instead of scrolling TikTok or Instagram), I sleep so much better and my eyes don’t feel nearly as strained. Plus, it feels so gratifying when I get a piece and it reminds me that some things take time and that I should work out the details before worrying about the bigger picture.

Each Jiggy puzzle comes in a reusable glass jar and includes a puzzle, as well as a tube of puzzle glue and a straight-edge tool to spread the glue so you can assemble and display your piece once it’s finished. There are 800 and 450 piece options, as well as 100 piece designs for any newbie puzzler. 

A Few of Our Favorite Designs

Shop now: Lazy Girl Book Club, $49

Lazy Girl Book Club Puzzle

Jiggy Puzzles

Shop now: Shoe Shopping, $49

Shoe Shopping Puzzle

Jiggy Puzzles

Shop now: Women’s History Month x Maliha Abidi, $40

Women’s History Month x Maliha Abid Puzzle

Jiggy Puzzles

Shop now: Cali Views, $40

Cali Views Puzzle

Jiggy Puzzles

Shop now: Snow Cabin, $40

Snow Cabin Puzzle

Jiggy Puzzles

Trust me, these puzzles are about to be the most stylish trend of 2023—so be sure to grab a few before they sell out. 

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