13 Jewelry Gifts for the Baublehead

From zodiac studs to the perfect stacking ring.

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Design by Tiana Crispino

There are plenty of great holiday gifts like fancy chocolates and the latest headphones, but few things are as special as gifted jewelry. It’s elegant. It can be sexy. And, maybe most importantly, it will always be sentimental.

If I’m being gifted jewelry, then I’m praying that it lasts and speaks to my personal style. If you’re on the gifting end, what’s most important is buying quality pieces. Not all jewelry is going to withstand the test of time (as in being worn for mere weeks before going green), so it’s important to look for metals that won’t tarnish like stainless steel, gold, silver, platinum, and rhodium.

Now for the hard part of gifting jewelry: It has to complement the style and personality of whoever you’re gifting it to. If you’re unsure or not confident in your understanding of style, timeless designs can complement just about anyone’s closet.

This is also a great opportunity to spend your money intentionally, as many of these brands are small businesses, owned by women, and/or BIPOC-owned. Below, 13 great jewelry gifts for just about anyone, whether they like dainty necklaces, signet rings, or waist bands.

Silver Kelly Chain Earrings
En Route Silver Kelly Chain Earrings $34.03

The Kelly Stamps collection, created in collaboration with the comedic lifestyle YouTuber, is all about mixing classic pearls with more edgy, contemporary styles. The chain earrings are great for someone who may not usually wear pearls but would when they’re connected to a small, draping chain. The pearl necklace, like the earrings, mixes a classic pearl design with something different. This necklace is half pearl and half green gemstone.

Knot Pendant
Tiffany & Co. Knot Pendant $225.00

This is a timeless piece that’ll make a great gift for nearly any style. Though the knot necklace is minimal, it’s also versatile. It’s perfect to add a touch to any outfit or for a layering maximalist. Plus, anything from Tiffany & Co. is always wrapped beautifully, which gives you one less thing to worry about.

Logo Stud Earring
Telfar Logo Stud Earring $160.00

Telfar shopping bags have been all the buzz, but the New York-based, unisex designer also makes a variety of jewelry pieces. The logo stud earrings can be a great gift for anyone since they’re chic with a subtle nod to luxury.

Ana Luisa Chloe $59.00

This braided band ring makes a wonderful gift because it is timeless and versatile. It’s crusted in sparkle, which makes it a small but glamorous touch to any minimalist outfit, or a stackable ring for something more outgoing. Ana Luisa is a New York-based brand that uses recycled materials when possible and is dedicated to delivering quality, including a 365-day warranty on most of their jewelry.

Hera Chain Necklace
Made By Mary Hera Chain Necklace $69.00

I love the Hera chain necklace because it gracefully wraps around the base of the neck, glinting from just about every angle. It can also be pulled back or dropped forward depending on the exact fit you want—and wherever you put it, it tends to stay. The live in-hoop earrings are also great because they come in multiple sizes, and each is lightweight as ever with a back that slips into the hoop for a seamless look all around.

Harris Two-Tone Convertible Link Earrings
Mejuri Harris Two-Tone Convertible Link Earrings $175.00

Mejuri’s two-tone earrings are like two gifts in one. The convertible link earrings can be worn with anything from a blazer to a casual T-shirt. When the longer, silver link is removed, the earrings turn into a pair of tiny, boxy hoops.

Mejuri also makes jewelry for men, like this signet ring made of titanium. Because it’s sleek and black, it can work with lots of different outfits an personal styles,

Form Earrings
Océanne Form Earrings $32.00

These earrings aren’t a classic shape like a hoop or stud, but instead they’re a rendition of a classic type of art that celebrates bodies. Océanne’s form earrings are 2.5” long, making them a noticeable addition to any look. Plus, they’re lead and nickel free, which means your ears won't turn green as this pair trickles down.

Geometric Pull Through Earrings
Boma Geometric Pull Through Earrings $24.00

These small, pull-through hoops have a touch of flavor through the triangle woven into the wire. Boma, a family-owned and Seattle-based jewelry shop, values sustainability, which is why this pair of earrings is made of recycled metals.

Madelyn Gold Drop Earrings In Multi Mix
Kendra Scott Madelyn Gold Drop Earrings In Multi Mix $68.60

Most pieces on this list are timeless and not too colorful, but Kendra Scott tends to focus on bringing more life to jewelry through all the colors gemstones can bring. The Madelyn earrings use crystals, gemstones, and pearls to create a floral silhouette and bouquet of analogous colors.

 Bespoke Parker Mini Layering Set
Gorjana Bespoke Parker Mini Layering Set $108.00

Layering necklaces has been getting the spotlight it deserves lately. It can take time to find the right mix that looks and feels good when layering your own necklaces. Whether you know someone who layers or hasn’t yet started, this set from Gorjana is made to be layered.

Minimalist Tiny Zodiac Studs
Caitlyn Minimalist Tiny Zodiac Studs $17.62

Available in every zodiac sign, these small studs represent someone’s zodiac without screaming it. If you know someone who asks for people’s zodiac signs, this might be a great gift for them—just make sure you know their birthday and correct sign.

Gold Lucky Necklace
Isabel Marant Gold Lucky Necklace $140.00

The evil eye necklace is supposed to protect its wearer from evil spirits and bad luck. For someone who pays attention to spirits and energy, this will be a great piece of protection to add to their collection.

Waist Ajebutter Chain
Oma the Label Waist Ajebutter Chain $79.00

Waist chains are a beautiful way to accentuate your waist and hips. This dainty chain features evenly spaced small beads and is 27 inches long but adjustable to another 7 inches. This piece can be worn year round, whether to be paired with a cropped sweater or swimsuit in the summer.

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