We Tried the Magic Eye Bag-Banishing Cream! See the Before and After

Remember last week when we shared this mind-boggling video of a magical eye bag-banishing creamed called Instantly Ageless? Well, we got our hands on a vial shortly afterfull report from our contributor Afton Williams below!

I tried Instantly Ageless on a fellow makeup artist while on set. We were both amazed by how quickly we saw results—the before and after pictures we took were no less than impressive! Here's a quick review:

- It definitely reduces the appearance of bags and crows feet
- It provides quick, instant results

- It creates fine lines around your eyes when you smile
- You can't apply any moisturizer or liquid makeup on top of it, otherwise it will be removed

- It's perfect for those who like to wear little to no makeup
- It's i
deal for men's grooming

Makeup Artist Tip:

Ideally, I would suggest starting with a tinted moisturizer, following with Instantly Ageless, and finishing off with minimal foundation and powder. To avoid dissolving the product, use a drier cream foundation, such as RCMA's Color Process Foundation ($18). 

Click here to see the original video and tell uswould you try this product?