Jessica Biel's Trainer Shares His Top Moves for a Sundress-Ready Back

When we think of workouts in preparation for warmer weather, bum, stomach, leg, and arm moves usually hit top of mind. While toning these areas may be your central focus when booking your ClassPass sessions, there's a key area you're forgetting about: your back. With the array of strapless dresses, swimsuits, and off-the-shoulder tops often worn in the upcoming months, we'd have to argue that a sculpted back is just as worthwhile to focus on as more obvious areas of your body. 

Case in point: Jessica Biel. If ever there were a celebrity with an upper body that we stop and stare at in awe, it's her. Hence, we enlisted her personal trainer, Jason Walsh, to give us some tips on how to get a strapless-ready back just like Jessica's. Keep scrolling to learn his tips!

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Do you have a favorite back exercise? Please tell us below!