Every Makeup Product Jessica Alba Uses for a 5-Minute Face


Frazer Harrison/Getty

Jessica Alba knows makeup more than your average Hollywood A-lister—and probably even more than the average Hollywood A-lister who has also worked on a makeup line. Alba has detailed, after all, exactly how involved she is in every aspect of her cosmetics companyHonest Beauty—from sourcing ingredients to testing a multitude of potential formulas. Then there's also the fact that her makeup looks flawless on pretty much any given day. With all this in mind, it's pretty unsurprising that the actress and working mom can throw together a polished look in less time than most people take to wash their face.

In a fun new video, blogger Marianna Hewitt takes Alba on in a five-minute makeup challenge, thus giving us an intimate look at every single product the actress uses for a low-key daytime look. Watch it all go down below, and keep scrolling for a closer look at some of Alba's go-to products.