Honest Beauty Has a New Look—And So Does Jessica Alba

Sustainable packaging and a new 'do.

Jessica Alba smiling with microphone in her hand.

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When you think of clean beauty, you think of Honest Beauty. But now, a decade after Jessica Alba first made her foray into good-for-you baby essentials and six years after entering the beauty space, the brand is doubling down on its clean, green mission by overhauling its packaging. Beginning July 19th, Honest Beauty will replace the packaging of all 105 of its makeup and skincare products with more sustainable alternatives.

For example, their Crème Cheek Blush ($13) will now come in a tin compact, and the Prime + Perfect Mask ($20) will be available in an aluminum tube—and that’s just the beginning. For secondary boxing, products will be housed in 100% recyclable or compostable cartons, and all Honest.com orders will arrive via carbon-neutral shipping.

Honest’s latest step towards sustainability isn’t the only new season for Alba: she kicked off the summer by debuting darker hair on Instagram—a dramatic departure from her signature bronde—and after her eldest daughter’s recent birthday, Alba is now mom to a teen. We caught up with the Honest Beauty founder to learn more about her hands-on approach to driving the brand into greener pastures. Read on for Alba’s take on Honest Beauty’s new packaging, her new ‘do, and the self-care steps she can’t let go of post-quarantine.

On Honest Beauty's Sleek, Sustainable Packaging

“All of our secondary packaging is now in a tree-free paper—it's actually made from upcycled sugarcane by-product. That’s really cool because we’re taking something that would normally be discarded and turning it into packaging material. We also use a mix of different materials, like PCR, plastic, tin, aluminum, and glass. What we found in our journey with sustainability is—depending on the formula and compatibility with the packaging—you can use many different types of materials, and it's not just one solution right across the board.

"We've been forced to be really creative to keep the brand elevated and to really make sustainable packaging look elegant and beautiful. So yes, it's good for the planet. But it also looks great.”


Honest Beauty

On Honest's Clean Conscious Culture Movement

"The trend back in the day was more around like, ‘Is it natural?’ and ‘Is it is it green?’ But what does that even mean? People thought that if it's vegan, it must be the best for you but oftentimes, it has to be a combination of things. So with the clean movement, for us, we feel like we were the first at scale to talk about clean and then having a consciousness around every aspect of your business. 

"So when you look at our diversity and inclusion initiative and processes, over half of our employees are people of color, and half of our leadership team are women. And across the entire company, over half of our entire team is also women. So we built processes around even the way we run the business to the way that we operate our labs. 

"Every piece of the way we run the business is taking that moment to be ethical and have consciousness in how we treat people, how we represent people in our marketing, but then also how we’re treating people internally as a business. So really thinking about people, people's health, and the planet—that's the Clean Conscious Culture movement."

On How Her Daughters Have Influenced Honest Beauty

“With Honor, she was like, ‘Mom, I don't want to look like I'm wearing makeup, but I still want to brush my eyebrows up and use a serum-type thing.’ But a lot of those eyelash and eyebrow serums used chemicals that I just didn't want around her eyes. So we formulated our own Honestly Healthy Serum-Infused Lash Tint ($20) in three different tints. So you still want to get the benefits of a lash serum, but you can wear it from day to night.  And then we have a brow gel with fibers—the Honestly Healthy Brow Gel ($15)—but then it also has that nice serum to promote healthy brows. So she inspired me to do the Healthy Lash Serum and our Brow Gel.”

On How Her Skincare Routine Evolved In Quarantine

“I did a lot more skincare than I had ever done before. It was my me-time. I think I did a mask every day. I did facial massages and whatnot. Now that the world is sort of opening up and things are getting back to normal to some degree, I'm finding it hard to take that time out for myself. I'm trying to figure out what that balance was because I really enjoyed the time that I had to myself and the time I had with my family. So it’s just about reprioritizing my time and giving myself that extra 10 minutes with my skincare so I can get in a little facial massage or put a mask on.”


Honest Beauty

On Saying Goodbye To Her Signature Hair

“I'm going to do a Netflix movie in the fall, and it makes more sense that I have dark hair for this role. But I gave myself enough time beforehand. This way, if it doesn't look great, I’m not stuck. The last time I dyed my hair this color, I was 18 or 19-years-old and on a TV show called Dark Angel. So it's been 20 years!

"My kids were like, ‘Mom, you look so different!’ It's a totally new vibe, and I just have to get used to it. I literally used to use my 2001 hair color mix—it’s three different tones of golden brown and blonde, and my hairdresser would use the same color on me. But with this color, I just need to settle in because I don't know what to wear with it yet. I'm struggling, but I haven't left the house much. So we'll see."

On the Beauty Swaps She's Made Since Dying Her Hair

“I need a little more pigment on my lips and my cheeks. I feel like I look so pale that it can look a little vampire-ish. So I've been using a little bit more bronzer and a little bit more blush with some more color on my lips. When my hair is more golden, I can wear nudes. But with darker hair, it’s been kind of nice to have a little bit of extra color in my beauty routine.”

On What's Next For Honest Beauty

“We have a Daily Defense line coming out. It's a technology that we built in-house called the Honest Sea Water. It's manganese, zinc, and iron, so it helps remineralize the skin and support the natural detoxification process, which helps combat the effects of everyday pollutants. Think of your screens, the blue light, the air pollution, and just everything you're exposed to in a day. We have a mineral fluid sunscreen, an exfoliating powder cleanser, a purifying toner, and a setting spray. I'm excited about it because we've been working on this for a while and really honing in on these products during COVID, and it's so exciting that it's gonna be coming out soon.”

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