Jessica Alba Reveals 3 Secrets to Perfect Hair


Honest Beauty

Jessica Alba went from movie star goddess to beauty product entrepreneur when she launched Honest Beauty. A collection of effective skincare and makeup products that are made from clean ingredients was her goal, and she delivered in spades. Rather than sitting back and enjoying the success, though, Alba decided to take Honest Beauty a step further—she launched hair-styling products that boast non-irritating formulas as well as incredible results.

After using the entire lot, I can confidently say they're really great in that I'll use this product for the rest of my life kind of way. They smell like a sun-drenched holiday, don't include harsh ingredients, and will make your hair do, well, exactly what you want it to do—every time. We called up Alba to discuss everything from her all-time favorite product to the best way to get out the door in five minutes flat. 

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