6 Products Jessica Alba's Skincare Guru Swears By



Jessica Alba, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Chrissy Teigen: Other than genetically gifted features and glowing skin, what do these three women have in common? That would be Shani Darden—know the name, and commit it to memory. Darden has gained a reputation among Hollywood’s A-list as the skin whisperer. Her clients rave about her ability to soothe acne, rosacea, and sensitivity, as well as breathe new life to dull, tired complexions. If you aren’t in Los Angeles (or able to squeeze in an appointment—her wait-list is long), you’re in luck, because we begged politely asked Darden to share some of the top products she recommends to clients like Alba. To say we were surprised by her picks would be an understatement, mainly because many of them we’ve never heard of. And we’re beauty editors. So.

From a lightweight sunscreen to patches that mimic an eye-lift, keep scrolling for Darden’s picks!