Jessica Alba Shares Her 10-Minute Beauty Routine


Josh Kopaloff/Getty

Some celebrities like to skip the makeup when they're off the red carpet and out of sight of cameras, but not self-professed makeup girl Jessica Alba, who confesses she's been wearing it every day since she was 12. Shape's October cover girl spilled her beauty secrets with the magazine, and the best part is her whole makeup routine takes only 10 minutes.

The actress and Honest Company co-founder is currently all about that no-makeup makeup look ("which requires makeup," Alba notes with a laugh) just like the rest of us. To achieve the effortless fresh-faced visage we see her sporting in paparazzi photos and personal Instagram shots, Alba has a pretty straightforward process.

For the base, "I use something called an everything primer, which plumps up fine lines and wrinkles" and leaves your skin smooth, thanks to its hyaluronic acid and mica. After that, it's pretty simple—concealer, cream blush, mascara, and some type of lip to finish off her look. She calls it her "everyday go-to" but doesn't shy away from the occasional smoky eye or bold lip during the day.

To play around with color, Alba has been using the Falling for You palette from Honest Company's beauty line (which launched last year). She focuses on enhancing the features she likes—"namely my eyes and lips and the tops of my cheekbones," she says, and covering up what she doesn't, like dark circles and redness around her nose.

Above all, she's committed to keeping her primping quick (she jokes that her husband complains when it takes her 12 minutes) so she can get back to more important things like her family and career. Keep scrolling to shop Alba's top beauty picks and re-create her 10-minute look yourself.