J.Lo Is the Latest Celeb to Try Out the Wolf Cut

Glam-rock vibes.

J. Lo with a slick bun hairstyle

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has had a glowing complexion for what seems like forever, so much so that people use the term "J.Lo Glow" to describe their dewy skin goals. Lately though, the icon has also been rocking some incredible hairstyles, including lengthy waves on the red carpet, a glamorous "bump-it" hairstyle for her wedding day, and, most recently, a baby wolf cut on the poster for her latest film, Shotgun Wedding.

The actress appears alongside Josh Duhamel, both covered in soot, ready to save their big day from hijackers. J.Lo's hairstyle stands out with wispy layers that create volume, adhering to the current wolf cut trend that's making waves over on TikTok.

Gen Z TikTok is all over the wolf haircut trend, rocking shaggy and purposely untamed tresses for fall. The hairstyle includes shorter, wispier layers around the crown that blends into tapered layers that cascade down the length of the hair. "[The wolf cut] basically blends two iconic, defining periods in music, style, and pop culture—the '70s and '80s—and gets morphed into a more modern-day look," pro hairstylist, Philip B., previously told Byrdie. "The wolf cut is a hybrid of the shag and soft mullet, creating a current take on the look of rock stars like Rod Stewart, Patti Smith, Mick, Kiss, and Joan Jett." 

This isn't the first time J.Lo opted for an exaggerated, voluminous look. Back in 2020, J.Lo's hairstylist, Chris Appleton, shared a photo of the singer in a textured wolf cut with bold highlights and soft waves. She paired the hairstyle with a shimmery smokey eye, nude lip gloss, and a white collared shirt under a cozy Coach sweater. 

Appleton added texture to the trendy cut by creating waves throughout her hair. Although people on TikTok are wearing this hairstyle with a middle part, J.Lo opted for a chic side part that emphasizes how voluminous this hairstyle can be while still tapering down to a finer end, providing a weightless look. As a result, her hairstyle is very glam rock in the sense that it seems both voluminous and lightweight at the same time. 

In terms of creating a weightless hairstyle at home, here's the thing about waves and curls—as a wavy-to-curly-hair girl myself, I know first-hand that without some layers and added texture, long, curly hair can seem (and feel) heavy, weighing the hair down and creating a loss of volume at the roots.

Luckily, "Curly hair thrives with [the wolf] cut," celebrity hairstylist, Bennett Grey previously revealed to Byrdie. "The shaggy, heavily layered style removes weight and bulk near the crown of the head, giving curls that would normally be weighed down some extra bounce and volume." By adding layers to the top of the crown as well as throughout the hair, there is more opportunity for shorter pieces to wave or curl on their own without falling flat due to length. 

And styling this haircut on curly or wavy hair types is as simple as ever—you can scrunch a curl cream onto damp hair and allow for your hair to air dry. (You can also use a diffuser to speed up the drying process without causing frizz.) After your hair is dry, use a texturizing spray at your roots to ramp up the volume even further.

But, you don't have to have curly or wavy hair to go for this style—in fact, a wolf cut can be your key to adding volume to fine or straight hair. Remember, layers create shape and body in all hair types, so opting for a short-on-the-top wolf cut that tapers into a cut of varying layers can add fullness to your strands that might otherwise fall flat with a one-length haircut. If you want to up the ante on your hair's volume and waves even further, consider using hair rollers and a hair waver for some added texture and bounce. Finish it off with a texturizing spray, and you'll be well on your way to recreating J.Lo's full, wolfy hair.

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