Jennifer Lopez Avoids These 3 Things to Look (and Feel) Young

If there were one celebrity who we would suspect to have discovered the fountain of youth yet kept it hidden away from us mere mortals, selfishly keeping the time-reversal tonic for her own, it would be Jennifer Lopez. It's not that we think she's some sort of Sanderson sister, sucking the livelihood out of children in order to remain young and beautiful forever. (What can we say? It's Halloween. We obviously have Hocus Pocus on our minds.) It's just that the numbers don't add up. You see, the multi-hyphenate turns 50 next year, yet somehow she manages to look two decades younger than her actual age.

It's not only her looks, though. She keeps an intense schedule, which is filled with TV appearances, reality show judging, singing, photo shoots, and more, but she never appears to grow weary or tired. It's proof that she doesn't only look much younger than she is, but she also has the energy levels and active lifestyle typical of someone years her junior. Luckily for us, she just opened up to InStyle about her life. She talked about her career, her aspirations, and her wellness routine. Keep scrolling to see the three things she avoids in order to look (and feel) so young.