Jennifer Lopez's Ocean Nails Have Us Craving Summer


Jennifer Lopez on the red carpet

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The saying goes, “March comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb,” but as we’re reaching the tail end of the month, it’s still hard to imagine that warmer weather is really just around the corner. Transitional seasons can be a confusing time for those who want to match their beauty and fashion choices to the weather, but Jennifer Lopez just wore the perfect manicure that can work for both gloomy and sunny spring days: her bright blue "ocean" nails.

On March 21, J.Lo’s nail artist, Tom Bachik, shared a photo of the singer’s nails with a medium length and a slightly curved coffin shape (her “rich girl” nails had the same shape, so we’re assuming it’s her favorite). She’s clutching a black and white bedazzled (and monogrammed) cup, but even with such a glitzy vessel in her hands, we can’t stop staring at her nails, which feature a cobalt blue jelly base, along with matching chunky glitter laid over top. Whether you see the shimmering ocean or a galaxy far far away, you can easily get lost in this manicure's depth and brightness.

Jennifer Lopez with blue "ocean" nails


This depth is due to the mani's jelly base, which gives it almost a wet look. Much like glazed donut nails, "pantyhose" nails, and the invisible French manicure, jelly nails have a translucent finish that allows you to wear deep or bright colors without creating an in-your-face opaque finish. It’s a great way to experiment with colors and designs that you typically wouldn’t go for (like Selena Gomez's recent neon jelly manicure).

So, how is it great for both cloudy and sunny days? J.Lo’s nails have a subdued sheerness thanks to their deep blue jelly base, and can be easily worn with any darker outfit that she might be slipping into. Contrarily, the specs of glitter in her manicure catch light beautifully and add brightness to the manicure for warmer days. The result is the perfect manicure if you have no idea whether you should stick to your winter darks or opt for spring-ready pastels in the next few weeks.

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