Jennifer Lopez's New Haircare Launch Is Perfect for Self-Care Sundays

What can't she do?

Jennifer Lopez, J. Lo


Some pairings in life just make sense: Thelma and Louise, peanut butter and everything, and now, Jennifer Lopez and wellness brand Hers. As the company’s global partner, J.Lo herself is rolling out a new collection of hair care essentials designed to give you a mane worthy of its own music video.

Hundreds (and maybe even thousands) of hours in the salon chair for shoots, movies, and red carpets means J.Lo’s picked up plenty of tips and tricks of her own which she brought to the development of two new products: a detoxifying scalp scrub and an ultra-hydrating moisturizing mask.

jennifer lopez promo headshot

First up is her Detox Scalp Scrub ($22) that’s ultra clarifying and seriously soothing. Salicylic acid, sugar, and aloe extract work together to lift off any product buildup and dead skin cells that make hair limp and lifeless while restoring lost moisture and soothing any irritation. Scalp health is hair health, and detoxifying scrubs make it as simple as taking a shower. And as an added bonus, the sweet peony and sandalwood scent will basically turn your shower into a secret garden. 

Hers scalp scrub
Hers Detox Scalp Scrub $22.00

For some major hydration, J.Lo’s Rapid Repair Mask ($22) uses keratin, yummy-smelling coconut oil, and shea butter to turn back the clock on dry, damaged ends just in time for what’s expected to be a harsh winter. Use the mask post-shower for a big boost of moisture or whenever you have some time to really let the mask do its thing, like a Self-Care Sunday. 

Hers hair mask
Hers Rapid Repair Hair Mask $22.00

The two new products join an existing lineup of Hers hair care promoted by Lopez, rounding out a best-selling collection that includes shampoo, conditioner, vitamin gummies, and minoxidil drops specifically formulated to help women experiencing hair loss or thinning. In fact, that’s a huge reason why Lopez partnered with Hers to begin with. The company (and its brother site Hims) is committed to removing the stigma surrounding hair loss, acne, aging, mental health, and more. The feel-good-look-good philosophy is one we can all get behind, and now it’s easier than ever.

Considering the name Jennifer Lopez is practically synonymous with incredible hair, we’ll call this a match made in heaven. Grab the products for yourself over at 

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