J.Lo Put a Glittering Twist on the "Lip Gloss Nails" Trend

So shiny.

J Lo. in a cutout dress with lip gloss nails


If you're still reeling from Jennifer Lopez's twisty bun and dazzling dress at the premiere of her latest film, Shotgun Wedding—don't worry, so are we. There were so many intricate details that went into her look (like floral sequins on her Valentino dress and an eight-step skincare routine for her face *and* body). Still, we believe one key detail deserves a spotlight moment: J.Lo's "lip gloss" manicure, courtesy of her go-to nail artist, Tom Bachik

J.Lo shined from head to tip with a manicure that featured a high-gloss nude base with the faintest glittering line right at the tip of her fingers. Bachik started by using the Tweezerman x Tom Bachik Ultimate Nail Care Set ($59) to give J.Lo what he calls a "meticulous manicure," noting the true secret behind a long-lasting mani is prep. After pushing back her cuticles and buffing her nail bed, Bachik applied the Aprés Nail Gel-X Neutrals Maisie Natural Stiletto Long Box of Tips ($15), a medium-length stiletto tip, which he "softened the shape a bit" to fit J.Lo's nailbeds perfectly. Bachik mixed nail polishes to create what he calls "the perfect lip gloss color, just for Mrs. Affleck," which resulted in a "semi-sheer high gloss nude playing off her skin tone." Finally, Bachik used reflective glitters to line her nails, which added that final dazzling touch to her gem-encrusted ensemble. 

J.Lo's mani is the perfect example of a lip gloss manicure—still, if you need more insight into what exactly makes a manicure worthy of a "lip gloss" title, here's the low-down. In the same way lip gloss offers a sheer, high-shine look while letting your natural lip color shine through, "lip gloss" manicures feature semi-transparent, highly-glossy, and natural-looking colors that play off your skin tone. "The cornerstones of the trend are super pale pinks [that are] sometimes almost translucent against the nail, and [have] a shiny finish—just like your favorite [lip gloss]," Byrdie previously reported

To achieve this look, grab your favorite sheer nail polish, preferably a pink or nude, that you would use for an at-home French manicure. (If you don't have a color that's sheer enough, you can mix a few drops of your favorite nude or pink nail polish with a top coat to dilute the color.) After that, simply follow with a high-shine top coat, et voilà, you have lip gloss nails. 

Sure, wearing a Valentino dress on a red carpet might not be in your near future, but at least you can rock a mani as stunning as J.Lo's in the meantime.

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