Jenna Dewan Knows Some of J.Lo's Best Beauty Secrets

When we probed Jennifer Lopez for her makeup and skincare secrets, her answers were as demure as "keeping it simple" and "cleansing and moisturizing." Given the elusive J.Lo is a bit of an enigmatic creature immune to aging, we should have expected cagey information, but that won't stop us from continuing to dig for any and all clues as to what keeps her looking like a goddess sent from above. But recently, we were able to pick up some fresh tidbits from someone in her inner circle, her World of Dance co-star Jenna Dewan. In a video on her YouTube channel, Dewan shares the tips she's picked up from J.Lo while working on set, (with Jenny's approval, we presume). From the product she uses for her golden glow to how she gets the perfect selfie, below are five ways to emulate J.Lo (or at least try).

Secret #1: She's Always Got Her "Game Face" On

We've seen some stunning photos of J.Lo sans makeup looking just as fabulous as ever, but Dewan says in most cases, she's fully decked out for any and all occasions ready to hit the ground running. We know the power of a good red lip for an office meeting or job interview, so we understand the beauty hustle. 

Secret #2: J.Lo Always Wears a Fragrance

Dewan describes J.Lo's signature scent as "delicious," noting that the multihyphenate's scent trail is so palpable, she always knows when she's been in a room or when she's about to enter one. Determined to emulate a similar presence, Dewan says she now wears a fragrance every day. She doesn't reveal which scent J.Lo typically wears, but we can guess it might be the latest launch from her eponymous fragrance line, JLust. 

Jennifer Lopez JLust $70

Secret #3: The Trick to a Perfect Selfie Is All in the Angles

We already knew that lighting and angles mean everything when taking your own picture, but according to Dewan, the secret to J.Lo's always on-point selfies is lifting the camera higher than face level and tilting her face ever so slightly to the left or right. 

Secret #4: She Always Glows

"J.Lo glow" should be recognized by Merriam-Webster at this point—this we can all agree on. But what is it that makes her shine? Dewan says J.Lo's highlighter from her new collaboration with Inglot imparts "crazy-illuminated cheekbones" and is likely the reason for J.Lo's own sheen.   

Jennifer Lopez x Inglot Livin' the Highlight Illuminator $23

Secret #5: J.Lo Drinks a Ton of Water

J.Lo credits her smooth skin to lots of water intake but not from your typical cup—a Swarovski-encrusted Starbucks cup she carries everywhere. Would you expect anything less?

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