Exclusive: J.Lo Shares the Most Important Beauty Lesson She's Learned

In the short list of celebrities seemingly poised for world domination, Jennifer Lopez’s name falls near the top. Breezing past the “triple threat” moniker long ago and now eschewed firmly in the multihyphenate club, the singer, dancer, actress, designer, producer—we’ll stop there for brevity’s sake—is an icon in every sense of the word. After all, what other three letter word quickens more heartbeats and stirs up more ardent adoration than “J.Lo”? The answer is: none. None at all. Thus, it makes sense that her newest fragrance would be a play on the affectionate yet revered nickname—it’s called JLust. As her 25th fragrance, it has a “deep, sensual essence” with “sexy” notes like apple blossom, jasmine sambac, and feather musk (quotes straight from the mouth of Lopez herself).

“I am always drawn to creamy, skin-like fragrance and try to incorporate those characteristics into each new scent during the creation process,” she tells me via email. The scent is certainly sexy, in an in-your-face kind of way—sweet, pungent, and glittering, just like J.Lo. The bottle, which is blush-toned, seems to play off a softer side of the pop icon, though the snakeskin print cap adds a bit of edge—and Lopez assures me that’s no coincidence. “I want each [of my fragrances] to have special touches that embody me and the things I love,” she says.

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