How to Work Out Like J.Law: The Actress's Trainer Tells All


David M. Benett/WireImage

Jennifer Lawrence may make the occasional joke that she’s “obese” by Hollywood standards, but we all know this couldn’t be farther from reality. In fact, the Academy Award–winning actress has never looked better. At the Vanity Fair Oscar Party earlier this year, her sculpted arms practically stole the limelight from her sexy midriff-baring getup by Alexander Wang. And more recently, at the New York premiere of A Beautiful Planet, we couldn’t help but notice her ultra-toned gams. In an effort to learn exactly how she got so fit, we reached out to her personal trainer, Dalton Wong, for the inside scoop. Keep scrolling to learn about J.Law’s fitness routine.

How do you get started? “If you want an idea of the exercises we did, everything you need to know is in my book, The Feelgood Plan. What I do with Jennifer is a combination of ‘The Energisers’ and ‘Power Exercises,’” Wong tells us.