Copy That: A Jennifer Lawrence Hairstyle for Every Day of the Week

Coming up with what to do with your hair every day is effing hard. Unless you’re a Pinterest-level hairstyle magician (we envy you!), the process of conceiving your look then washing, blow-drying (or dry-shampooing), and styling is a total brain drain, not to mention a time suck. Needless to say, we can use as much quick, doable hair inspo as we can get. And we recently had a bit of a eureka moment when we realized that Jennifer Lawrence might just be the answer to our hair prayers.

Yes, the Oscar winner has a troupe of veritable wizards helping her achieve her flawless red carpet hair looks, but if you look closely at her history of hairstyles, you’ll notice that they’re all surprisingly simple to execute (and often quite office appropriate). So, you can officially stop stressing about how to do your hair this week. Instead, simply turn to these J.Law looks.

Keep scrolling for your week’s worth of mini hair tutorials, all thanks to the glory of Jennifer Lawrence!

What’s your favorite Jennifer Lawrence hairstyle? Sound off in the comments below!