Copy That: A Jennifer Lawrence Hairstyle for Every Day of the Week

Jennifer Lawrence

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Coming up with what to do with your hair every day is hard. Unless you’re a Pinterest-level hairstyle magician (we envy you!), the process of conceiving your look then washing, blow-drying (or dry-shampooing), and styling is a total brain drain, not to mention a time suck. Needless to say, we can use as much quick, doable hair inspo as we can get. And we recently had a bit of a eureka moment when we realized that Jennifer Lawrence might just be the answer to our hair prayers.

Yes, the Oscar winner has a troupe of veritable wizards helping her achieve her flawless red carpet hair looks, but if you look closely at her history of hairstyles, you’ll notice that they’re all surprisingly simple to execute (and often quite office appropriate). So, you can officially stop stressing about how to do your hair this week. Instead, simply turn to these J.Law looks.

Keep scrolling for your week’s worth of mini hair tutorials, all thanks to the glory of Jennifer Lawrence!

Monday Waves

Jennifer Lawrence Monday Waves
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Monday is typically the day when your hair is freshly washed, so when better to rock a headful of soft, tousled waves?

To pull off this look, start with damp hair. Create a deep side part, then spritz hair all over with a texture mist or salt spray like Ouidad’s Wave Create Sea Spray ($19). Then rough-dry, scrunching the hair as you do to encourage texture. Next, use a 3/4-inch-barrel curling iron to loosely curl inch-thick strands of the hair, starting at the root and leaving the ends uncurled. Make sure to alternate the direction in which you wrap each strand around the barrel to achieve that messy finish. Last, mist all over with a strong-hold flexible hair spray, like R+Co’s Vicious Strong Hold Flexible Hairspray ($32), and let the compliments roll in.

Tuesday Pinup

Jennifer Lawrence Tuesday Pinup
Dave J Hogan/Getty

Dirty hair, don’t care. Yesterday’s curls may have fallen, but this J.Law look proves that doesn’t even matter.

Simply hit your roots with a few puffs of volumizing dry shampoo; we love Sachajuan’s Volume Powder ($35). Part your hair in the middle, then gather a section of hair from above each ear, and bring them both to the back of your head. Use one hand to hold the sections in place at the back of your head and the other to gently yank the hair forward, creating a bit of upward volume. Pull out a small strand of hair from one side to the front so it hangs loosely next to your face. Then, secure the remaining hair in back with a few bobby pins. Within three minutes, your Tuesday hair is fini. Thanks, J.Law.

Wednesday Updo

Wednesday Updo Jennifer Lawrence
Kevin Winter/Getty

This updo may look fancy, but it’s really just a savvy way of hiding your unwashed third-day hair.

Here’s what to do: Apply a generous amount of dry shampoo—Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo ($24) soaks up oil like no other. Then, part your hair in the middle. Use a 1 1/2-inch-barrel curling iron to create soft waves near your face. (You don’t have to curl all of your head—it’s hump day, not your wedding day.) Next, bring all of the hair from either side of your part to the back of your head, and secure in a ponytail with an elastic. Like you did on Tuesday, create upward volume by gently pulling hair from the ponytail forward. Last, free a few pieces of hair on either side of your face for a looser, more feminine look.

Thursday Wob

Jennifer Lawrence Thursday Wob
Getty/Vera Anderson

J.Law’s signature wavy bob serves as an ideal weekday hairstyle. Plus, you need approximately zero expertise to re-create it.

Start with clean, dry hair parted wherever you prefer. Apply a dry texturizer from midshaft to ends; we love Moroccanoil’s Dry Texture Spray ($28). Follow up with a volumizing mousse, such as Tigi Catwalk Strong-Hold Mousse ($8), which ensures that your texture stays in place all day. Using a one-inch curling wand, curl one- to two-inch sections of hair, starting from eye level down. Once you’ve created waves throughout your entire head, make sure to rake through them with your fingers to loosen the style. Lastly, take a small section of hair from one side of your part and pin it off to the side for a more demure look. Voilà—Thursday hair à la J.Law.

Fri-Yay Tease

Jennifer Lawrence Fri-Yay Tease
Pablo Cuadra/Getty

This voluminous ’do is perfect for Friday, as it transitions beautifully from desk to dusk—aka blazer to crop top.

To get the look, apply a mousse to wet hair; we like Drybar Southern Belle Volumizing Mousse ($26). This helps create body. Then, blow-dry with a round brush. Once hair is dry, create a center part, and use a rat-tail comb to lightly backcomb the hair at the crown of your head for height. Finally, mist hair all over with a shine spray, like the Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine ($29), and tuck a lock of hair behind one ear. Ba-da-boom! J.Law reincarnate.

Saturday Braid

Jennifer Lawrence Saturday Braid
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

Time to mix it up a little to celebrate the weekend. Plus, it’s Saturday, so you actually have time to dedicate to executing this gorgeous Dutch crown braid. (Also, let’s have a moment of silence for how amazing it is that you can do this style on lob-length hair.)

To make things easier, we have the perfect crown braid tutorial. Just make sure you have a root texturizer and strong-hold hair spray at the ready, like Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray ($46) and Aveda Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray ($32).

Sunday Topknot

Jennifer Lawrence Sunday Topknot
Steve Granitz/Getty

Ah, Sunday. A day of rest. A day of brunch. A day of putting less than two minutes of effort into your hair. If a messy topknot is good enough for J.Law on the red carpet, it’s certainly good enough for your Sunday shenanigans.

To steal her style, first apply your favorite dry shampoo. Pull your hair into a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic. Twist the ponytail around itself and then coil it toward the base to create your bun shape; secure it using a second small clear elastic. Gently tug the bun outward to make it nice and big, and then pin down any loose pieces with bobby pins.

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