Jennifer Lawrence's Trainer Shares His 3 Best Fitness Tips

Given the fact that Jennifer Lawrence spends a large portion of her role in the X-Men series in a blue bodysuit that leaves little to the imagination, we could only assume that her fitness and diet regimen was almost as tough (if not tougher) than her shapeshifting character, Mystique. Turns out our assumption was correct, as Lawrence allegedly spent 10–12 hours a day for three months training with fitness guru Dalton Wong (can you say "ouch"?). The long hours clearly paid off, as evidenced by Lawrence's killer bod, so when we recently learned that Wong has put out a new book, The Feelgood Plan ($13), with a foreword by Lawrence herself, you can bet our interest was piqued. Well + Good gave us a sneak peak at some of Wong's best advice from the book, so keep scrolling to get a head start before your book order hits your doorstep! 

What are your best manageable tips for getting in shape? Tell us below!