5 Arm-Sculpting Secrets From Jennifer Lawrence's Trainer

Jennifer Lawrence is a lot of things: person we’d want to hang out with 24/7, lovable klutz, red carpet darling… The list goes on. One moniker that often flies under the radar, though, is arm-inspirer. Sure, it might not have as nice a ring as Oscar-winning actress, but to that we ask you this: Have you seen her shoulders? Lawrence favors a strapless gown on the red carpet (see this elegant Dior number), and we can’t help but notice how sculpted and toned her arms always are. We assume this is partly from roles that involve wielding a crossbow as Katniss Everdeen and kicking butt as Mystique in X-Men, but it’s also partly due to a dedicated workout regimen. Knowing this, we caught up with her trainer, TwentyTwo Training founder Dalton Wong, and asked him for his triceps-, biceps-, and shoulder-sculpting secrets. Wong whipped Lawrence into shape for her role as Mystique, so we suggest you take notes. Keep scrolling to see them all!

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