Jennifer Klump

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Aloha, Oregon


  • University of Oregon
  • Emporia State University


  • Fitness, lifestyle, health, wellness

Jennifer Klump is a fact-checker and technical librarian. She has 22 years of experience searching online databases and reviewing research studies to find the most authoritative, relevant, and up-to-date sources for her client's needs.


• Fact-checker since 2019

• Published 15 research and practice summaries on educational topics

• Researched and compiled over 4,800 annotated bibliographies over 20 years as an educational librarian


Jennifer Klump is a seasoned librarian who spent over two decades managing an online reference desk service at Education Northwest. There she conducted rigorous database searches and compiled customized bibliographies of peer-reviewed research for teachers, school administrators, and policymakers. In addition to her current role as fact-checker, Jennifer is a librarian for a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency subcontractor.


Jennifer received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Oregon where she majored in English. She went on to obtain a Master of Library Science degree from Emporia State University. She was inducted into Beta Phi Mu, the international library and information studies honor society.

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