Jennifer Garner's Wavy Hair Hack Will Change Your Wash Day Forever

Stock up on this unlikely household item stat.

Jennifer Garner

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Actress Jennifer Garner’s Instagram is the gift that keeps on giving while we hang at home waiting out the pandemic. The star’s been sharing all, from her LOL-worthy antics on her #PretendCookingShow to her getting teary-eyed at The Office finale. Stars, they’re just like us, am I right?

She took to Instagram to share her latest hair care routine and how she gets that full volume glam using Virtue Labs products. The brand combines haircare and science, using a form of keratin to reduce frizz, repair split ends, and increase vibrancy and thickness of hair. 

"Science has been up to more than water on Mars and a new Apple Watch—the technology behind @virtuelabs shampoos, conditioners and products lead to a healthier scalp which leads to—no joke!—thicker, healthier, stronger, better hair," Jennifer wrote under her post after sharing that growing better hair has been a 2020 goal of hers. Relatable AF, no?

Starting with the in-shower products she grabs the brand’s Full Shampoo ($38) and Full Conditioner ($40) for volumizing and moisturizing hair without weighing it down. Her next step is a hair hack we might all borrow next wash day. She dries her hair with a paper towel, a curl-approved method for preserving frizz-free coils and waves.

She follows up with one of her favorite products, their 6-in-1 Styler ($32) which protects, hydrates, and adds shine to hair. This styler is perfect for the next step, diffusing her hair upside down for volume. Last up, its new Healing Oil ($42) which includes a blend of hydrating oils and reparative proteins for deep moisture, damage repair, and strengthening. She says, "whole product line is a game-changer," so we're convinced it's worth trying.

Virtue Labs
Virtue Labs Healing Oil $42

You can grab the entire lineup at

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