You Can Still Buy the MAC Lipstick Jennifer Aniston Wore on Friends

Updated 03/02/18
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Jennifer Aniston remains a massive source of beauty inspiration. From her sleek California-girl highlights to her youthful, Aveeno-wearing complexion, we still can't believe that she's 43 years old. It seems like just yesterday we were lusting after her character in Friends, wishing that we, too, could work for a fashion brand in New York City before returning to a chic apartment inhabited by our BFFs. (Actually, we still wish that.)

Not only did Rachel Green have our dream job and living space, but she also had an enviable beauty game. Aside from her world-famous haircut, she was probably best known for her brick-red lips, which, luckily for us, she talked about in a recent interview with Glamour. Apparently, they were the result of a MAC lipstick shade that's still sold today… meaning we can finally channel our inner Rachel Green. Better late than never, right? Keep reading to see which shade was her "go-to" for filming Friends!

Red Lipstick - Diva (M)
MAC Lipstick in Paramount $18

This lipstick by MAC in Paramount was the one shade that Aniston/Green trusted. "They're always sort of regurgitating trends," Aniston said, speaking on the resurgence of '90s fashion. "How about MAC's Paramount lipstick? It was a browny brick. I remember that was my go-to color when I was doing Friends." The pigment is opaque with red undertones, meaning it complements literally every skin tone. (After all, it's MAC, which can do no wrong.) This information comes at the perfect time too, since we're looking for deeper burgundy, red, and brown tones to include in our makeup routines heading into fall.

As for the '90s throwback trend that Aniston doesn't care for? Those tiny sunglasses worn by everyone from Kendall Jenner to Bella Hadid. "I just think they're ridiculous," she said. "I'm not a fan of those little tiny spectacles; I'm a fan of classic sunglasses. That was very '90s, wasn't it? When you would see those little tiny frames, those were brought back from the John Lennon days."

Head over to Glamour to read the full interview, and then see what Jennifer Aniston considers her biggest beauty regret.

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