Jennifer Aniston's New LolaVie Leave-In Chopped My Styling Time In Half

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There are a total of three people on the planet I trust with my hair: my mother, my colorist, and Jennifer Aniston. My bottomless faith in Jennifer Aniston (I rocked a mini-Rachel haircut as a kindergartener and a full-fledged Rachel in middle school) culminated in showing my stylist a reference photo of Aniston's sun-kissed highlights as a teen. Now, as a woman in my late 20s, I'm on the hunt for effective hair care, and Jen has once again answered my call.

LolaVie, Aniston's recently-launched hair care line, which focuses on modern technology and natural botanicals, was born from her own experiences and love for all things hair. And today, she introduces the world to LolaVie's latest offering: the Perfecting Leave-In ($29), a multitasker of Hollywood-sized proportions.

The rollout of LolaVie has been intentionally slow and methodical. While many new brands debut with entire collections and a full suite of products, this is just the brand's second release since LolaVie's September launch. "We're rolling out the products in the order that they are perfected," Aniston herself explains to Byrdie. "We focused on multi-tasking products first to address issues that I personally have with my own hair and know others do, too."

Considering both products have debuted to rave reviews and earned a place of honor in more than a few medicine cabinets, it's clear that Aniston's business acumen is as sharp as her acting skills—and her cabinet full of Emmy Awards underscores the point.

LolaVie Perfecting Leave-In next to fruit


About The Product

The Perfecting Leave-In ($29) is ideal for travel: multifunctional, compact, and potent. It simultaneously moisturizes hair, detangles it, guards against heat damage, mitigates frizz, and helps shape and hold styles. A few ingredients in the Leave-In can also be found in LolaVie's first release, the Glossing Detangler ($25), like bamboo essence and a proprietary bond-building compound that helps the products seal rebuild frayed strands. Bamboo essence is a LolaVie signature thanks to its environment-friendly sourcing, minimal water use, and concentrated formulation that keeps the scalp hydrated to yield soft, strong hair.

But there's also an entire crop of ingredients unique (so far) to the Leave-In. Rose of Jericho is arguably the leave-in's standout, star ingredient—the Rachel Green of the ensemble ingredients list, if you will. An all-natural substitute for silicone holds a significant amount of moisture while coating hair for a silky-smooth finish. Meanwhile, an amalgamation of squalane, coconut lipids, and açai-derived fatty acids adds hydration and locks in moisture like a deadbolt. Finally, bamboo and yeast extracts form a fully vegan shield against thermal damage, helping reverse the adverse effects of blowouts, curling irons, and flat irons.

To use the Perfecting Leave-In, run a small amount evenly through damp hair, comb it out, and proceed to style as usual. "I love that the Perfecting Leave-In gives you needed hydration but is also great for holding style and fighting frizz," Aniston tells Byrdie. "It saves me time during my morning routine, and I know it will for others, too."

My Review

Forget searching for an excellent leave-in treatment—most of the time, it's a struggle to find one that does anything at all, good or bad. Most of the time, after using one, my hair looks about the same. That's decidedly not the case with LolaVie's Perfecting Leave-In, and it would probably be my new personal go-to had my mom, a Jennifer Aniston superfan, not already claimed it as her own after testing it out during a visit home.

On my hair, which I've been told has "thin individual strands but lots of hairs per square inch," I found the leave-in to be an ideal after-shower treatment, especially on days when I plan to heat style. While it usually takes me two or three styling products (plus a leave-in!) to get the sort of blowout I like, this LolaVie leave-in cut it down to exactly one. My hair feels remarkably smoother, and the halo of frizz that usually follows me everywhere looks much less pronounced.

Aniston predicted the leave-in would lend itself to a routine pare-down ("It saves me time during my morning routine, and I know it will for others, too"), and in my case, it saved me time, product, and money by default. I'm not sure what sorts of awards there are for Hair Excellence (other than the Byrdie Eco Beauty Awards, of course), but Aniston surely deserves a golden statue for this one.

Perfecting Leave-in
LolaVie Perfecting Leave-In $29.00

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