30 of Jennifer Aniston's Most Iconic Hairstyles

Remember The Rachel?

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Do you ever find yourself sitting in the hairdresser's chair, desperately trying to decide whether you want long layers or blunt ends, a choppy fringe or feathered lengths? It's in that moment of sheer, sweaty-palm desperation that we often find ourselves thinking, "what would Jen do?" While Jennifer Aniston has tried nearly every hairstyle that has ever existed, she possesses that sometimes-irritating quality of never, ever getting it wrong.

From her signature flicked ends to the generation-defining "The Rachel," she has single-handedly inspired thousands of haircuts around the world. And that's exactly why we find ourselves frantically searching "Jennifer Aniston hair" for some last-minute inspiration every time that next hair appointment crops up. Keep scrolling for Jennifer Aniston’s best looks throughout the years—by the end, you're bound to have a gorgeous new look to turn to.

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September 1992: All Natural

Jennifer Aniston 1992

Getty Images / Handout

Before the world knew Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green in the hit TV sitcom "Friends," Jen spent her early 20s starring in the TV show "The Edge" where she rocked a hairstyle closest to its natural state: dark brown, long, and charmingly unruly. It's a great base for the hairstyles she wears later. 

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September 1995: "The Rachel"

Jennifer Aniston 2005

Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

The look we all know and love: "The Rachel." While Jennifer Aniston later dubbed this "the ugliest haircut I've ever seen," when it made its debut on the set of "Friends," the world went ga-ga.

There are few hairstyles as iconic. With its multiple swishy layers surrounding the face, shoulder-skimming length, and golden highlights, it remained a popular hairstyle for several years. "Fans loved 'The Rachel' haircut for its volume and sassy movement that the loose layers provided," adds Gina Rivera, founder of Phenix Salon Suites, by Gina Hair, and Colours by Gina. 

To recreate this look, Rivera recommends blow drying the hair and using a medium-sized round brush to roll the hair out—starting from underneath—to create volume. Next, she suggests using "a wide-tooth comb to run through the upper crown, pulling the long bangs away from the face and allowing them to fall gently."

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November 1998: Rooty Volume With Exaggerated Waves

Jennifer Aniston 1998

Diane Freed / Getty Images

Here's Aniston in wavy hair at the "Meet Joe Black" premiere, which featured her then-boyfriend Brad Pitt. Matrix brand ambassador and celebrity colorist, George Papanikolas characterizes this style as a "mega root lift," and suggests using a volumizing product to recreate the look. "To create the waves, use a 1.25-inch curling iron and do bends by pulling the iron down and through the hair, rather than wrapping the hair around [the] wand," he explains. "Then, get that beachy texture with a salt spray."

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March 2000: The Magic of Hair Extensions

Jennifer Aniston 2000

Chris Weeks / Getty Images

On March 14, 2000, Jennifer arrived at the "Erin Brockovich" premiere with super long hair. "Fans loved the relaxed boho style feel," says Rivera.

To replicate the look naturally, Rivera recommends growing out layers—the longer the better. Then "cutting grown out bangs that are slightly fringed and blended—starting at approximately two to three inches past the jawline—and continuing to the end of the hair." Once you’re rocking the cut, Rivera suggests using a few drops of styling lotion to establish a sleek finish. To further style, "use a large round brush to dry the hair, pulling up for volume and allowing [it] to lay straight," she explains. But be careful, "to avoid getting a curled under look, do not over-roll the brush when drying," Rivera warns. 

Jen's look can also be duplicated with hair extensions, which is "a great way to add length and volume," says Papanikolas. "Make sure to only go a few inches longer than your natural hair so it doesn’t look disconnected," he adds. To keep your extensions silky and smooth, Papanikolas recommends using Matrix’s Total Results Length Goals ($20), a product line specifically formulated for wigs and extensions. 

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September 2000: Loose Chignon

Jennifer Aniston 2000

Scott Gries / Getty Images

Here Jennifer Aniston maintains a very classic and mature style. This is a "great way to pull your hair back without the severity of a tight chignon," says Papanikolas, who recommends this style especially for those with bold features.

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December 2000: Short and Wavy

Jennifer Aniston 2000

Chris Weeks / Getty Images

This is the first time we've seen Aniston with genuinely short hair. She cropped her hair to a flattering length between her chin and her shoulders at the 10th annual Fire and Ice Ball and wore it short for just a few months.

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January 2000: The Bob

Jennifer Aniston with a bob 2000

Hairstyles Weekly

Jennifer Aniston’s sleek, medium-length bob is timeless. "Fans loved it because it brought a more mature feel to Aniston’s character," says Rivera. "To get Jennifer’s look, cut [the hair] with a blunt, asymmetrical line—with the back slightly longer. To create a bit of volume at the crown, use a volumizing mousse—[it] will still allow for movement," she adds.

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September 2001: Her New Signature Cut

Jennifer Aniston 2001

Jeff Kravitz / Getty Images

A gorgeous Jennifer Aniston is showing off a haircut she would wear for much of the next decade: flat-ironed and long, with a few face-framing layers, and the perfect color that's not entirely all blonde, yet not totally brunette either—a color we'd dub as "bronde."

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January 2002: The Tousled Lob

Jennifer Aniston 2002

Darren McCollester / Getty Images

Here Aniston is rocking a wavy and tousled lob (long bob). Fans loved Jen's carefree look, which reminded them of "the free spirit of her character, Rachel Green," Rivera tells us. To recreate a similar look, Rivera suggests adding a root-boosting product to provide the hair with more volume.

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September 2002: Red Carpet Beachy Curls

Jennifer Aniston Golden Globes 2002

Gregg DeGuire / Getty Images

Aniston wore her long hair curly to the 2002 Emmy Awards, during which she won Best Actress in a Comedy for her star role as Rachel on the hit TV show "Friends." While Jennifer rarely wears her hair this curly—when she does, it's much more beachy than curly. If you have a natural wave to your hair, loose curls like this are completely achievable if you dry your hair with a diffuser. Have straight hair? You'll want to take a look at our guide for making curls last.

Achieving this look can be challenging—working with the natural texture of the hair, balancing frizz, avoiding the dreaded crunchy feeling that many styling gels can leave on strands. The solution? Papanikolas recommends using a light-weight texturizing cream that can both define your curls and hold them in place.

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January 2003: Ready for Business

Jennifer Aniston 2003

Vinnie Zuffante / Getty Images

At the premiere of "Along Came Polly," Jennifer Aniston looks gorgeous with side-swept bangs—a rare style for her. To create her smooth, polished, and volumized look, Papanikolas recommends hitting a salon for a heat-protected blowout that creates "full-bodied volume and root lift with lasting hold." Then, finish the look off with a hairspray product that leaves your hair with some flexibility, he adds.

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January 2003: The Golden Globe Pony

 Jennifer Aniston 2003

Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

"Jen's ponytails are iconic," raves senior colorist Jeremy Tardo, from Los Angeles based hair care brand, Benjamin. "One of my favorites is this sleek and chic look. Her warm highlights soften the appearance of the style just enough," he adds.

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September 2004: Bridget Bardot Volume Meets Natural Texture

Jennifer Aniston 2004

George Pimentel / Getty Images

Here, Jennifer Aniston's hair is tousled, loose, and voluminous. According to Papanikolas, "getting maximum volume starts in the shower." For optimum volume, he suggests replacing your conditioner with an ultra-light, water-based product. 

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October 2005: Mega Layers With California Beach Waves

Jennifer Aniston 2005

Evan Agostini / Getty Images

Jennifer Aniston stepped out for the premiere of "Derailed" looking ravishing. "I love the carefree, tousled texture and her wheat-toned bronde color," says Tardo. 

To recreate her long layers and textured beach waves, Papanikolas recommends using a mineral-infused mousse. It’s "the key to styling any haircut—from wavy hair to fine, [to] short hair, and creating texture with weightless shine," he reveals.

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June 2006: Blunt in Back, Angled in Front

Jennifer Aniston 2006

Dave Hogan / Getty Images

For the premiere of the UK film "Break Up," Jennifer Aniston ditched her golden color for a darker shade of brown, complete with a blunt cut in the back and angled layers framing her face. According to Papanikolas, "the heat of the flat iron gives this cut a sleek polished finish."

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December 2006: Full Curtain Fringe

Jennifer Aniston 2006

Charley Gallay / Getty Images

In this shot, Aniston’s blowout makes the sleek layers framing her face pop. For optimum blowout results, Papanikolas recommends using a styling cream beforehand to eliminate frizz and give your hair added weight.

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December 2008: Outgrown Curtain Bangs

Jennifer Aniston 2008

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

This is one of the best cuts on Aniston. Her hair is thick, beautifully cut, and the color couldn't be better. To replicate this look, Papanikolas lets us in on a salon styling secret: Use an aerosol spray to hold down volume and create soft locks. 

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February 2009: Boho Beach-Chic

Jennifer Aniston 2009

Michael Buckner / Getty Images

Jennifer Aniston rocked a beach-chic look complete with a delicate braid at the 2009 Academy Awards Ceremony. "Holding a baby braid in place requires the hair to have workable texture," explains Papanikolas. In order to achieve the ideal texture to rock a messy bun, braids, bangs, and other looks, Papanikolas suggests using a lightweight foam to add a tousled look with lightly-defined waves.

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March 2010: Sleek and Smooth

Jennifer Aniston 2010

Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

In 2010 Aniston is back to the pin-straight hair and the bronde color—"a simple yet chic, polished look that will never get old," says Papanikolas. To recreate this sleek style, Papanikolas recommends using an anti-frizz cream.

Papanikolas suggests applying anti-frizz cream to damp hair before styling for long-lasting frizz-free strands.

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August 2010: Face Framing Layers

Jennifer Aniston 2010

Gregg DeGuire / Getty Images

Here is yet another gorgeous and classic Jennifer Aniston look. To create this "mega root lift" Papanikolas suggests using a volumizing product before styling. 

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February 2011: Tousled Chic

Jennifer Aniston 2011

 James Devaney / Getty Images

Jen's loose touseled waves in this picture, taken just a few weeks—or perhaps even days—before she cut her hair to her shoulders, are thoroughly eye-catching. "This look is messy, chic, and effortless all in one," adds Papanikolas.

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May 2011: Rachel All Grown Up

Jennifer Aniston 2011

Mike Coppola / Getty Images

Now Jen is back to the shorter haircut. This was the cut seen around the world—and plenty of people have tried to imitate it. "Here Jen went for a playful chop and a lighter bronzed color. The golden blonde gives warmth to her textured edges," illustrates Tardo.

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July 2011: The Long Bob

Jennifer Aniston 2011

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

At the premiere of "Horrible Bosses," Jennifer Aniston stepped out with a long bob—also known as a "lob"—and wowed the world. A super-flattering length, the long bob is slightly shorter in the back and tapers to the front. "Here, Jen’s bright cream blonde color adds sparkle to her angled lob haircut," Tardo adds. This isn't the first time she cut her long hair short; the last time she debuted a short 'do was in late 2000.

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September 2014: Choppy Chic Layers

Jennifer Anniston 2014

Getty Images

Dying to replicate Jen's choppy chic layers? For this look, Papanikolas explains that a stylist might use "a razor on the ends," which will give your hair a "jagged effect" that is bound to fall beautifully and effortlessly.

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January 2015: Long Layers

Jennifer Aniston 2015

 Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images

Here Aniston is absolutely glowing at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. "This dimensional hair color adds visibility to the natural movements of Jen’s long layered cut," Tardo notes.

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April 2016: Angled Baby Blonde Layers

Jennifer Aniston 2016

Jason LaVeris / Getty Images

Here Aniston is pictured in 2016 with bronde hair color, courtesy of her hairstylist Chris McMillan. To mirror Aniston’s angled baby blonde layers, Papanikolas recommends giving your hair a "smooth [and] polished finish" with a hair smoothing cream.

Craving some extra smooth layers? Papanikolas suggests swiping some strands with a flat iron to achieve this look.

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June 2016: Just a Little Bend

Jennifer Aniston 2016

XPX / Getty Images

At this point, Jen has stuck to her long hair for a few years. While we're a fan of all her changes, we've got to admit, we're loving the subtle wave look. To recreate, "use a flat iron to kick out a few waves and bends to the hair," says Papanikolas.

At this point, Jen has stuck to her long hair for a few years. While we're a fan of all her changes, we've got to admit, we're loving the subtle wave look. To recreate, "use a flat iron to kick out a few waves and bends to the hair," says Papanikolas.

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December 2018: Blended Babylights

 Jennifer Anniston 2018

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Aniston wowed everyone at the premiere of "Dumplin." "These blended babylights in Jen’s hair compliment her features beautifully," says Tardo. "Loose waves keep an organic feel to this hairstyle while adding a slightly polished finish."

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January 2020: Mixed Highlights

Jennifer Aniston 2020

Steve Granitz / Getty Images

At the 2020 Golden Globes Aniston rocks a mixture of highlighting and lowlighting. "There is even a little of her natural grey near the scalp area," Tardo points out. "These blended hues allow some of the natural greys to remain while creating a youthful glow to her hair color," he adds.

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February 2021: Money Piece Hair Color

Jennifer Aniston 2021

Just Jared

Even behind a clear face shield on the set of "The Morning Show," Aniston’s hair is still on point. "Jen is the queen of incorporating the latest hair fashions while staying true to her timeless style," says Tardo. Updating her hair with a subtle take on the "money piece" hair color trend, Aniston’s bright highlights beautifully accent her entire face, Tardo explains.

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