A First Look At Jennifer Aniston's All-New Haircare Line, LolaVie

Just in time for The Rachel's comeback, too.

Jennifer Aniston for LolaVie


When it comes to inventions, writing, and—well, most things—it's often said that you should stick to what you know. But if we're collectively going by that virtue, then a Jennifer Aniston-helmed haircare line not only makes perfect sense but also feels long overdue. For decades now, Aniston has ruled screens (both television and silver) with her perfect timing, range, and one seriously unassailable head of hair.

The '90s, of course, owes much to The Rachel, the haircut (and color) that spawned millions of copycats. At the turn of the millennium, Aniston was ahead of the curve yet again as she transitioned to a long and straight face frame punctuated by baby blonde highlights. And now, for the past decade at least, she's settled on a voluminous, off-center parted hair with just enough honey-colored highlights to cement her legacy as an All-Time Blonde.

Throughout the years, pictures of Aniston remain some of the most referenced celebrity shots at salons across the country—no matter her hairstyle at the time. Her signature, effortless glam and focus on hair health is one that stands the test of time and lands her on mood boards everywhere. And finally, at long last, it's now easier than ever to get Jennifer Aniston-quality hair at home. Ahead we break down the launch of the star's first-ever line of any kind: LolaVie.

LolaVie Jennifer Aniston hair


About The Brand

The brand's first product to debut, the Glossing Detangler ($25), gives a clear glimpse into the line as a whole: sleek, minimalist packaging; a high-quality ingredient list; and an eco-friendly formulation process that reflects Aniston's casual, beachy aesthetic. Even the line's title—chosen for her nickname, "Lola"—reflects the intimacy and personal touch Aniston channeled for the line's ethos.

As for the formula itself, that was chosen a bit more scientifically. Built around a combination of naturally-derived ingredients (like chia seeds and bamboo oil) plus a proprietary bonding mechanism (the brand has dubbed it, LolaVie Bond Technology) the line seeks to deliver salon-quality treatments in the most straight-from-nature form possible. Focused on minimizing existing hair damage—from stressors like heat styling, color, and environmental wear-and-tear—and mitigating future breakage, the brand touts a combo of conditioning and bonding to fortify fragile strands with additives like vegetable ceramides.

Crucially, the products are all infused with bamboo essence rather than water, chosen both to optimize efficacy (the essence helps keep skin cells in the scalp properly hydrated) while simultaneously curbing the environmental sourcing of actual water.

LolaVie Glossing Detangler


The Product

While it's clear we can soon expect an entire collection of Aniston-approved LolaVie products, the brand's launch brings with it just one product as a sample of what's to come.

The Glossing Detangler spray is made with an all-star ingredient list, including bamboo and yeast extracts, which form a vegan forcefield against heat, lemon and ginger extracts for gentle hair and scalp exfoliation, and lemon shine (that's a lemon protein with a manually-decreased pH) for frizz-fighting moisture. Combined, they all at once help detangle damp hair, protect against heat damage, and boost overall sheen. Light enough for daily use, the spray can also be used very sparingly on already-dried hair to wrangle stray flyaways and add even more shine.

LolaVie Glossing Detangler
LolaVie Glossing Detangler $25.00

Sure, it may be a just taste of what's next, but one glance at Aniston's glistening hair on her Instagram grid and it's hard to not immediately clamor for more.

The Glossing Detangler is available Sept. 8 exclusively at LolaVie.com

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