Jennifer Aniston Shares Her 6 Beauty Secrets With Us

When we think of the carefully curated list of celebrities with hair we envy, Jennifer Aniston lands near the top. Throughout the years, her sun-kissed mane has reached icon status, right alongside Aniston herself. Though her current hairstyle is decidedly more modern than the cultural phenomenon that was The Rachel (#RIP), the signature sleek, effortless vibe has stayed the same—and is exactly what makes thousands of women thrust photos of her to their hairdressers and scream, “GIVE ME THIS!”

It comes as a surprise, then, when Aniston tells us this little tidbit: “My natural hair is wavy, curly, and frizzy—it takes a whole village,” she says. “I used to be very unskilled with a hair-dryer and hairbrush. I’ve gotten good, very good.” Obviously, we had to know more. From her own hair icons to the new overnight product she’s obsessed with, keep scrolling for Jennifer Aniston’s six beauty secrets.

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