Blackpink's Jennie Accessorized Her Subtle Grunge Makeup With a Band-Aid at Paris Fashion Week

She looked cool doing it, too.

Jennie Blackpink wearing bandaid on face at Chanel show

@jennierubyjane / Instagram

If there's anything to note from Blackpink's members, it's that they have impeccable style. Jennie, in particular, has been known to wear cool, coquette-inspired outfits, but on March 7, she grabbed the attention of everyone at the Chanel FW23 show with her unexpected face decal: a single bandage under her eye.

Jennie is a long-time ambassador for Chanel, and on March 7, the Blackpink member arrived at the brand’s FW23 show in Paris, France, wearing a white tweed Chanel jumpsuit with thick straps, square pockets and a small dazzling double-C logo at the center of the neckline. She accessorized the outfit with a pearl Chanel belt that featured a baby pink camellia flower and wore a cluster of silver rings on both hands.

Close up of Jennie from Blackpink wearing a bandaid at Paris Fashion week

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Her band-aid, of course, was primarily there as protection for an injury she incurred earlier this month. The singer told fans on Weverse that she "tripped while exercising and fell down, so I got a bit of a scar on my face," according to Elle. "It’s still healing, so I think I’m going to wear a bandage on my face for a while.” If anyone knows how to turn a bandage into a full-fledged fashion moment, it's Jennie.

As for her makeup, Jennie’s complexion is textbook “cloud skin” and has a soft-focus matte finish that still lets a bit of radiance peer through. On her cheeks and lips, she wears a barely-there flush of blush-toned pigment, which perfectly suits her subtle grunge waterline liner, fluttery lashes, and a single bandage placed under her right eye.

Blackpink’s members aren’t strangers to wearing decals, as they’ve sported an array of Simihaze rhinestone decals on stage during their recent world tour, but Jennie's bandage is flesh-toned against her skin, making it an accessory that’s inconspicuously conspicuous. From far away, you might not catch it, but up close, you *know* she’s rocking the coolest “makeup” accessory at Paris Fashion Week. Even she knows it and captions her Instagram post of the look, "I look tough though."

The rest of her glam features details that you also may have missed without further inspection. For starters, from the front, it looks as though Jennie is rocking a typical Lara Croft-inspired braid secured with a dazzling heart-shaped hair tie. Yet, as she walks past, you can see her "infinity" braid that seemingly has no beginning or end. She wears bows in her hair, making this hairstyle a true "fairytale" hairdo that's mystical with its constant surprises.

Furthermore, Jennie wears a manicure that may seem like a standard pale pink manicure from afar: yet, upon closer inspection, you realize that she's wearing "fairy" nails, which feature a soft wash of glitter and an almond shape.

Sometimes, the most standout beauty looks are the ones that keep passers-by wondering, wait, did I just see that? We're all for beauty that comes with a cloud of mystery and will surely tag Jennie's moment as one to recreate.

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