Jenna Lyons’ New False Lash Brand Is For Beauty Minimalists

Say hello to lashes that let you look like yourself, only brighter.

Romy Lash


When Jenna Lyons and beauty guru Troi Ollivierre work together, magic happens. The duo has known each other for over 20 years and worked closely together at J. Crew, where Lyons served as the creative director and president and Ollivierre as the brand’s longtime makeup artist. 

Since Lyons left J.Crew in 2017, many have wondered what her next move was going to be. And now, we finally have answers. For the past 18 months, Lyons and Ollivierre have been working on their foray into beauty—no, not another minimalist makeup line—but rather, a line of chic, thoughtfully-designed faux lashes. Launching today, their new venture, LoveSeen—a collection of 10 different strip lash styles— is aiming to change the way we think about fake lashes completely. Keep scrolling to learn how.

The Inspiration

Jenna and Troi

Lyons was born with a genetic disorder that left her with only seven eyelashes. Because of this, she was never one to wear false eyelashes. But during an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2010, Ollivierre encouraged her to put some on. However, it was a challenge for him to find a lash that complemented Lyons. “Nothing really worked on me," Lyons says. "Everything was just way over the top, too long, too bushy, and very dark.” 

It was that experience that made her realize that the current range of options in the faux lash market was not inclusive. “As I started doing research in the beauty industry, I felt like there was just nothing in between the real over-the-top, glamour of beauty, and eyelash extensions,” Lyons says. “There were more delicate looking lashes, but they were also still being shown in a really pretty dramatic way. I didn't feel like that was the way that I wanted to necessarily wear makeup or the way that I think Troi likes to present makeup.”

So, the dynamic pair set out to create a line of lashes that made all people feel seen –making it their mission to design natural lashes that let you look like yourself, only brighter.

The Lashes

Love Seen

Lyons went back to her fashion roots to help assemble LoveSeen’s lash collection by hosting a fitting. She worked with 21 men and women of various ages, ethnicities, eye shapes, and skin tones on set to create their ideal lash. ”We literally built the lashes on them strand by strand,” she says. 

After working with their models, Lyons and Ollivierre landed on 10 featherweight styles, five of which are available in two colorways. The LoveSeen lash lineup includes Troi, Levi, Noor, Axel, Romy, Luca, Jack (Lyons’ favorite style), Cate, Inez, and Iris. Unlike other false lash companies, the lashes were created for a natural look in mind and with a curl suited for different eye shapes, from round eyes to monolids. Each of the lashes are cruelty-free, made from nylon or P.E.T, and assembled by the brand’s partners in Indonesia. 

LoveSeen Jack
LoveSeen Jack $22.00

And the brand has made it easy to find your perfect lash–providing a “Find My Lash” quiz on their site and partnering with CameraIQ to create custom Instagram story filters that allow you to try each style.

The Packaging 


“When we got to the factory, I was blown away by just how much plastic was in the factory and how much of the fancy packaging was completely not recyclable. It really just kind of hurt my heart,” Lyons says. That’s why sustainable packaging was a priority for LoveSeen. The lash brand’s crisp blue packaging is 98% plastic-free and the outer container is made of post-consumer recycled paperboard. The lash pack’s inner tray is made of 100% molded sugar cane pulp. The brand also chose to forego glossy and metallic inks to ensure the lash pack can be recycled after use.

The Application


While preparing to launch LoveSeen, Lyons said that she often heard people say their biggest reason for not trying lashes is that they are hard to get on. That’s why Lyons and Ollivierre developed an innovative lash application tool that will be joining the LoveSeen family next month. “Basically, a tweezer and an eyelash curler had a little love fest and now they made a baby,” Lyons says.“We are proud parents of a new tool that is going to launch in about three weeks. It functions like a tweezer but allows you to come in directly from the front when you're applying your lash, which makes it much easier for a professional or someone doing it at home”

The brand is also in the midst of developing their own lash glue, but have partnered with DUO in the meantime to provide their formaldehyde and latex-free glue on the site.

All of the LoveSeen lashes are priced at $22. You can shop all of the brand’s lashes on

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