Jenna Lyons Just Showed Us a Brand New Way to Wear Glossier Makeup

Plus, she shares her "newest, most successful" lash trick.

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If Glossier’s new Ultralip is like the cashmere sweatpants of lipstick (ultra-comfy and fit for every day), consider LoveSeen lashes the matching sweatshirt. The super-chic lash brand—created by fashion icon Jenna Lyons—pairs with Ultralip like a glass of rosé and a charcuterie board on a hot summer day.

With styles ranging from natural, "your-lashes-but-better" sets to high-impact, dramatic falsies, the brand offers lashes for everyone and every occasion. In honor of the Ultralip launch, Lyons teamed up with Glossier to create a few custom lip and lash pairings—and we have an exclusive first look at the photos. Ahead, see the looks and read Lyons's expert tips for perfecting your lash application (even if you wear glasses!).

The Application

Allow Lyons to demystify the lash application process and save you some time getting ready. "If you're a beginner like me and you have no eyelashes at all, I recommend putting the glue directly on your lash line,” she says. After the glue is on, apply the lash on top and let it dry into the glue. This simple technique will help you guide the lashes directly onto your lash line so they’re straight and even. 

If your natural lashes are in a good place and you just want to add a bit of drama and length, Lyons recommends putting plenty of glue on the corners of your eyes, as they pull up easiest. Just make sure you give the glue time to get tacky: “If it’s not tacky and you try to apply it, it will slide around,” she explains. Lyons also says to make sure the lashes are centered, which she knows is easier said than done. She suggests using the LoveSeen Lash Tool for a more precise application. “I still can't do it with a tweezer,” she admits.

LoveSeen, Lash Tool
LoveSeen Lash Tool $34

To make the falsies look more natural, Lyons suggests tightlining with a shadow, which she says is her "newest, most successful trick." Take a medium brown or black shadow and apply it underneath your eyelids with a stiff makeup brush to tightline. “It really does complete the look," she says, adding that while black liner can create a sharper effect, tightlining helps achieve the softer look she prefers.

As for anyone who wears glasses and stays away from falsies as a result, Lyons insists that her lashes are for you, too. In fact, the style maven is rarely seen without her own specs. “I wear glasses everyday,” she says, noting that she likes her LoveSeen lashes specifically because they’re not as long as others on the market. “If you're worried, the Iris and Cate are our no-brainers,” she says. “They're on the shorter side of all of our lashes.”

The Looks

Iris Lash & Ultralip in Fête

Jenna Lyons

jenna lyons

For her first look, Lyons paired the eye-opening Iris lash in light brown with Fête, a summery, watermelon red shade. "For a light look, I like a red lip and nude eye," she explains. The light brown color of the lashes allows the bold lip to take center stage in this daytime look. 

Cate Lash & Ultralip in Villa

Jenna Lyons

Jenna Lyons

Lyons says the second combination she created is perfect for nights out. For this look, she paired the black Cate lash—which she loves for its subtle volume and curl—with a dusty rose Ultralip shade called Villa.

Noor Lash & Ultralip in Lucite

Jenna Lyons

Jenna Lyons

For a more glamorous night look, Lyons paired Lucite, a sheer peony pink shade, with the Noor lash in black. The high-impact Noor lash offers plenty of drama with long, layered lashes and a cat-eye shape.

The Review

Chinea Rodriguez

Chinea Rodriguez

As a glasses-wearer myself, I was excited to try out the LoveSeen lashes and see if they really were the answer to my falsie woes. While I love (and need) my glasses, they do take up a lot of space on my eyes. As a result, my eyeshadow palettes collect dust, I have to wing my eyeliner an inch out so it can be seen, and I never wear false lashes. To see Jenna Lyons wearing falsies and glasses was a revelation, especially as a longtime fan—she’s the reason I wear bright red-orange lipstick and actually know how to fold the sleeves of my button-downs. 

To test out her look, I grabbed the Cate lashes in black and attempted to successfully apply falsies for the first time ever. Thanks to Lyons’s thoughtfully-designed lashes and tools, it was shockingly easier than I had expected. The Lash Tool helped me get the lashes as close to my lash line as possible and blend the falsies with my real lashes. After swiping on the Villa shade of Ultralip, I was truly impressed with the finished result. The lashes looked so natural, and I was still able to comfortably wear my glasses. Am I officially a lash girl? Let’s just say this definitely won't be my last time trying out this pairing.

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