Jenna Dewan Swears by These $17 Probiotics for Debloating

"When you're taking probiotics regularly, you realize that the bloating isn't there anymore."

Jenna Dewan

Jenna Dewan

As women, we're often told topics like digestive issues and vaginal health are taboo topics to discuss. But leave it to Jenna Dewan to normalize the conversation around gut health. The actress and dancer recently partnered with Renew Life—the self-proclaimed bestseller of women’s probiotics—to promote the brand's offerings and openly discuss the role high-quality probiotics can play on everything from our immune system to our digestion to all the things in between.

Jenna Dewan, who recently gave birth to her second child during the pandemic, opened up about how probiotics played a huge role in her life post-baby. "It's never been more important for me to focus on stress relief and taking care of myself and my family’s health,” Dewan shared. “I've been a big proponent of probiotics for a long time.

”We know firsthand that women have enough on their plate right now, which is why we've got your immune system covered,” a rep from Renew Life shares. “That's why women trust us—we make products specifically for their bodies, and we use the latest science to help keep your digestive and respiratory systems healthy so that you can get back to living your lives.”

After welcoming her son Callum with fiancé Steve Kazee in March, the mother of two turned to probiotics to get her body back on track. “After birth, I needed a boost to make sure that my whole immune health was being uplifted,” she shares. “I had Calum, and then a week later, everything happened with quarantine and the pandemic.”

To be honest, I don't think many people know that they're having digestive issues until you don't have them anymore.

Other than boosting her immunity, Dewan says she also realized other perks in her overall wellbeing. “[...] My bloating went away, and I've noticed just a lot of incredible positive benefits in my life,” she says. The probiotics even healed issues she didn’t know existed. “To be honest, I don't think many people know that they're having digestive issues until you don't have them anymore,” Dewan admits. “For me, I would eat certain things and feel a little bloated. You think that's normal, we all feel a little bloated. But, when you're taking probiotics regularly, you realize that the bloating isn't there anymore. Then you realize, ‘Oh, that wasn't super normal.’”

According to Renew Life, many people are surprised to learn that your gut controls a lot of things in your body like, “your sleep, your nutrient absorption, and your immune system.” We don’t know about you, but we'll be adding probiotics to our daily regimen, stat.

Renew Life
Renew Life Ultimate Flora Extra Care Probiotic $17.00

Even with her newfound energy, Dewan admits she still feels overwhelmed as an entertainer with a newborn. However, she always finds time to indulge in self-care despite being unable to head to the gym and spa due to COVID-19 restrictions.

“[You have to] figure out how to work out a schedule that works for everyone,” she advises. “My morning routine [consists of] a face wash that I love by Dr. Lancer, my dermatologist. I use his face wash and scrub. I also use a hyaluronic oil gel from the OSEA Brand. Then I use sunscreen over it.”

For her nighttime beauty routine, she prefers to keep things simple with a Retinol Serum ($88) from Shani Darden and depuffing rollers. “I use the [depuffing] tool in the shower with the face wash," she says. "I do the best I can from home because after having a baby there's not a lot of time, so you have to multitask.”

As for the other supplements on her counter, the 39-year-old actress prefers to keep things simple. “I've done that route where I've taken a million supplements and that doesn't really help, so I try to keep it down to the basics. I do a couple of basic vitamins: vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin K2, and B-12.”

She also gets plenty of energy from the power of smoothies to get a healthy and balanced start to her day. “I believe in getting a lot of your nutrients from food as much as possible," says. "Every morning I make a green smoothie and I put tons of greens, two fruits, and I just load it up with bee pollen. All of it goes in there!”

Editor's note: Quotes have been revised and condensed for clarity. 

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