7 Cool-Girl Beauty Tricks We Learned From Jenna Coleman

We love a new muse to give us incredible makeup and hair ideas. That title currently belongs to former Doctor Who star Jenna Coleman. The actress has since gone on to play Queen Victoria in Victoria, and we can't stop admiring her classic beauty style. Not only does she have incredible skin, but she also manages to take hardcore trends, such as red eye shadow, and make them look totally wearable and accessible. But there's more than that.

Whether she's wearing a brown smoky eye, a deep-purple lip or just a loose wave in her hair, we have to say that Coleman nails it every time—from attending red carpet events to fashion shows. To help us illustrate this point, we've selected seven of our favorite recent images of the star and the beauty rules we've learned from her. We're also including some of the best products to re-create these looks, too, because we got you.

Jenna Coleman beauty look: Loose waves will always be elegant
Luca Teuchmann /Getty Images

#1: Loose waves will always be elegant

This is a simple look that requires just a bit of patience with curling tongs. Choose random sections of blow-dried hair and loosely wrap them around the barrel. Check out our guide to the best curling tongs here to help you achieve this look.

Jenna Coleman beauty look: Let your eyebrows do the talking
Karwai Tang/Getty Images

#2: Let your eyebrows do all the talking

Coleman has serious game when it comes to her arches. One of the best products to give you more defined eyebrows is Benefit's Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil ($26), of course.

Jenna Coleman beauty look: A decent bronzer goes a long way
Marc Piasecki /Getty Images

#3: A decent bronzer goes a long way

This gorgeous tanned look is all down to a decent bronzer. The Urban Decay Beached Bronzer ($31) is ideal for giving you this just-back-from-holiday glow. You can even use it on your eyes to re-create Coleman's sultry smoky eye.

Jenna Coleman beauty look: Try a glittery approach
Eamonn M. McCormack /Getty Images

#4: Try a glittery approach

Make yourself look more awake with a dab of iridescent eye shadow in the corners of your eyes.

Jenna Coleman beauty look: Red makeup doesn't have to be scary
Karwai Tang /Getty Images

#5: Red makeup doesn't have to be scary

Not brave enough to try red eye shadow? We beg to differ after seeing this look from Coleman.

Jenna Coleman beauty look: Brown lipstick isn't just for the day
David M. Benett /Getty Images

#6: Brown lipstick isn't just for the day

Just because you're on a night out doesn't mean you have to wear a bright bold lip. Opt for a more subtle brown lipstick instead.

Jenna Coleman beauty look: Great skin will always make you look incredible
Neil Mockford/Getty Images

#7: Great skin will always make you look incredible

While Coleman undeniably wears makeup well, there's a great secret to pulling it off and that's a clear, glowing complexion. Want to know how to achieve this? Here are seven secrets to getting flawless skin.

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