13 Jelly Nail Designs That Prove This Trend Isn't Going Anywhere

Close up of a hand with pink jelly nails


Jelly nails are the lip gloss of manicures. The look features nails coated with a sheer, ultra-glossy wash of color that leaves them looking like, you guessed it, jelly.

"This look is often seen on celebrities and is a great way to make your nails look unique and stylish," says Jin Soon Choi, editorial manicurist and founder of JINsoon Spas and Nail Lacquers. "They are trending right now because they can be completely customized in many different ways with all different designs."

And, according to Choi, jelly nails are actually pretty easy to achieve. While you can buy sheerer jelly polishes (JINsoon's Sheer Gloss Collection in Pixie, $18, is a great option), you can also create your own—just mix the nail color of your choice with a clear base or top coat to help dilute the polish.

Scroll on for 13 of our favorite takes on the trend.

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Peachy Keen

Peach jelly nails


If you like a peachy orange shade like this one, try Butter London's Jelly Preserve Strengthening Treatment in Orange Marmalade ($18). The two-in-one formula gives a sheer jelly sheen while nourishing dry, brittle nails.

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Logo Mania

Pink jelly nails with the Gucci logo on the middle finger.


The aughts are back in a big way, and that extends to manicures. (Early '00s logomania, anyone?) We love the fine detailing layered over this hot pink jelly mani.

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It's Giving Monet

Water lily jelly manicure.


The jelly water lilies of our dreams. With delicate flowers and a mix of soft colors, this sheer jelly set puts a fun spin on an art history classic.

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V-Day Inspo

Three red jelly nails and two nude nails with red jelly tips.


Looking for an unexpected way to celebrate Valentine's Day with your manicure? Try a red jelly set. We dig how this one features French tip accent nails.

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Party Animal

Neon cheetah jelly nails


Why choose between a bold design and lively colors when you can have both? This manicure brings together a variety of beautiful pastels in a fun animal print.

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Just Add Water (Color)

Water color jelly manicure.


Nothing beats the wintertime blues like a splash (or two) of color. We're especially fond of the watercolor-like strokes featured in this manicure.

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Pink on Pink

Two-toned pink French jelly nails


Dilute clear nail polish with a few drops of your favorite colored polish for a DIY jelly color. Maybe whip up two while you're at it, so you can recreate this iconic pink-on-pink mani.

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In the Clear

Clear jelly nails


If you'd rather head to the salon, ask your nail technician for "crystal" or clear tips. They're incredibly chic—no color necessary.

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'90s Funfetti

90s confetti-printed jelly nails


As if jelly nails didn't give us enough throwback vibes, add a quintessentially '90s print for a blast from the past.

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Ice Princess

Clear, icy blue jelly nails with sparkle decals


This icy blue hue is just begging for some gems. While you'll probably want to head to a pro for a lengthy set of coffin nails, you can add jewels to nails of any length.

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Inspired by Jellies

Confetti jelly nails


There's something so whimsical and fun about this take on the jelly trend—maybe it's the confetti, maybe it's the Barbie-pink base, maybe it's the fact that the artist was inspired by jelly sandals. We're guessing it's a little bit of all three.

For a jelly mani with a bit more oomph to it, Choi shares a pro tip: "If you want to add more depth to the jelly finish, add a few sprinkles of glitter to your homemade jelly nail polish (or a pre-made one) and shake or stir with a toothpick or dotting tool."

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Jelly Chrome

Sparkly jelly nails


For a more modern take on jelly nails, opt for a chrome hue. We love ILNP's Holographic Jully Nail Polish in Opal Sunset ($10).

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Wild Berries

Tie dye pink jelly nails


This look features not one, not two, but three different shades from Cirque Color's Jelly Collection mixed with one standard nail polish shade. The result? The ultimate berry jelly swirl.

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