Jedi-Inspired Workouts Are Now a Thing


Andrew Yee

Still obsessing over Star Wars: The Force Awakens? You can now channel your inner Leia and Luke into a Jedi-inspired fitness class—the latest workout craze to sweep the country. The moves are based on martial arts and focus mostly on the upper body, using staffs, sticks, or swords as lightsabers. May the Force be with you. [SheKnows]

Sakara Life (a food delivery service Byrdie editors love) just made a huge announcement: Its fresh, organic meals will now be expanding past L.A. and NY thanks to nationwide delivery. So now you, too, can eat exactly like Lily Aldridge. Your New Year’s resolution to eat healthier just got so easy. [Sakara Life]

Valentine’s Day may be a month away, but let’s be real: There will be lots to discuss before then. Enter Diptyque’s newly launched emoji, all 40 of which are V-Day themed and range from flirty messages to winking eyes—i.e., everything you need to appropriately express your feelings from now until February 14. [InStyle]

Calling all future brides: There’s a book you need in your life. Beauty expert Alexis Wolfer has launched a new type of bridal beauty book, titled Radiant Bride, which she describes as “the modern girl’s guide to looking and feeling her best from engagement to honeymoon, without going crazy.” You can snatch it up on Amazon for just $17 before marching down the aisle. [Amazon]

Mani in need of a refresh? Why not add some shape-shifting into the mix? Celeb manicurist Kait Mosh demonstrates the coolest retro-mod mani ever in this simple GIF. []

Want to know the habits of highly successful sleepers? Exercise, consistency, and waking up to natural light are three. Eating fruit—yes, fruit—before bed is another. [Huffington Post]

We never tire of peeking inside another beauty lover’s bag—which is why we flipped when Cupcake & Cashmere’s editorial director (and former Byrdie editor) Alina Gonzalez shared the exact products she always has on hand, complete with detailed descriptions. Suffice it to say we have plenty of new products to add to our shopping list. [Cupcakes & Cashmere]

Can a skincare ingredient actually help you live longer? According to researchers at the University of Liverpool, yes, maybe. Allantoin, a moisturizing ingredient, helped increase the life span of worms by around 20% and kept them healthier for longer. Excuse us while we check the ingredients list of all of our skincare products. [Huffington Post]

Few things are worse than trying to cling to your favorite mascara while it dries and dies a slow death. Instead, try a simple household alternative: Vaseline. Rubbing it over your lashes will help define them and add shine, as well as moisturize them to promote growth. Mascara who? [PureWow]

Want to know the foolproof way to cover a pimple? First, dot a red-correcting concealer to balance redness, apply your everyday concealer on top, and then tap to blend. Finish with a dusting of powder and you’re set. [PureWow]

ICYMI: Ashley Benson, who had been a light brunette for the better half of 2015, went back to her roots (literally) by debuting a new light blond hue on Instagram over the holidays. We love! [SheFinds]

Speaking of trendy workouts, here's another workout that's taking the It crowd by the storm.