Jay Deitcher

Jay Deitcher

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Albany, NY


  • University at Albany, SUNY
  • Stony Brook University


  • Jay Deitcher is a stay-at-home dad, writer, and social worker

Jay has written about parenting and mental health for The Washington Post, Esquire, The Cut, Mic, Parents, Vox, and The Lily. His initiatives using comic books to better children's mental health was spotlighted on the BBC. He's counseled emotionally disturbed, culturally diverse adolescents individually and in groups for over a decade. Jay launched Free Comic Book Day events at Albany High School and other Albany, NY schools.


Jay Deitcher has worked for over a decade with children with behavioral and special educational needs, spending time as a school social worker and a case manager. He works with the entire family system to help them best succeed at their goals. He incorporates comic books throughout much of his work, having clients write trauma narratives, using characters to help clients learn how to overcome their own struggles.


Jay Deitcher earned his MSW from University at Albany, SUNY, and earned his MFA from Stony Brook University’s Creative Writing and Literature program. He's received fellowships/scholarships from the Indiana University Writers’ Conference and the New York State Writers Institute.

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