The One Thing: Jasmine Sanders on the $5 Detox Shot She Takes Every Morning

She unwinds with a good old cocktail—it's called balance.

Jasmine Sanders

Jasmine Sanders

Our series The One Thing is a Sparknotes version of the products, rituals, and moments your favorite celebrities and influencers swear by—their go-tos, must-haves, and can’t-live-withouts. So go ahead—take a brief, intimate peek into the lives of your favorites through the things (and people, and moments) they hold dear.

We’ve been talking a lot here at Byrdie about what’s been getting us through, bringing us joy, and keeping us feeling like ourselves during this unprecedented year. But ever wonder what if, let’s say a supermodel, has been doing the same self-check-ins? The answer: yes. Sports Illustrated and Savage X Fenty alum Jasmine Sanders, known to her 4M+ Instagram followers as @GoldenBarbie, spilled all about what she’s been up to during the pandemic to us. One of the things she’s been obsessed with is a morning detox cocktail that you’ll have to keep reading to find out. That’s not to be confused with the actual cocktail of her choice and the brand—BACARDÍ—that she’s working with on its latest campaign.

In an effort to lift our spirits and get us moving Jasmine is challenging people around the world to show off their dance moves and vocals through the power of “Conga.” Sounds fun, right? Let us explain: "Conga Feat. You" is the first official remake of the iconic Latin dance classic in 30 years. Originally sung by Gloria Estefan, this new version features Leslie Grace, Meek Mill, and possibly you. With your submission, you could get a spot on the final track, music video, and in the ad that will debut during Grammys week Janurary 2021 (!!!). Jasmine joins a list of influencers who are spreading the conga fever, so of course, we had to know about the things that keep her going and full of energy. Find them below.

The One Thing That Helps Her Unwind

"If it’s not blasting music, extremely loud, dancing around and just being carefree, then it's me being extremely still, sitting outside and just relaxing while taking everything in...You never know what you need—you might need both. But for me putting on like Whitney Houston and just dancing around the house or jumping on the couch and not really giving a crap if anybody's looking at you is the best feeling. Then, honestly lately, I've just randomly been screaming. My boyfriend thinks I'm hilarious cause I randomly just yell in the car and he's like, 'What's going on?' I'm like, 'Nothing. I just got a random message on my phone, and I didn't like it, and I just don't want to respond so I'm just going to scream to let it all out. I'm good now.' I don't mean yell at someone—I just mean let it out so you get that energy out of your system."

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The One Thing She Sips on For Fun

"If I'm on a beach or an island and I'm trying to relax which I hope (and plan) I can be on one very soon, I usually go for a rum punch. I just feel like they're really sweet and you can have a good time. They're my go-to...with a side of water. [Laughs]"

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The One Thing She Sips on First Thing In the Morning

"I start my days with apple cider vinegar, [and I mix water] to dilute it. It's my morning detox. Sometimes I add a little bit of lemon to it and I take my vitamins. I sit on the balcony and answer emails."

Bragg, Apple Cider Vinegar

The One Thing Her Skin Can’t Get Enough Sips of

"My beauty must-have is rose water—rose water spray especially. I'm in Miami a lot more now so I like finding ways to hydrate my skin as much as possible. I’ve really just been staying away from makeup when I'm not working and letting my skin breathe. If I do have to kind of put something on it's a little bit of a brow and a highlighter just to give my face a little bit of a pop, but I really just want to make sure that I'm moisturized."

Mario Badescu
Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater $7.00

The One Thing That Motivates Her When She’s Unmotivated

"I was enjoying myself at first, just like everybody else. Like actually enjoying relaxing and not having people see me every second of the day. I could be in my pajamas or sweats and just not care and really embrace that. It's like when you go through a breakup. The first step is embracing the breakup and then you get better after that. You have to get it all out at the beginning. I feel like I did that. I ate as much pasta, cake and everything as I could. And now I've been focusing on really trying to eat a lot healthier. I’ve been putting more juices into my diet. Even if it's just like a little immunity or detox shot or stuff like that. I feel like there's so much going around besides COVID; just random germs and colds. I'm just trying to boost my immune system as much as possible."

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The One Thing That Gets Her Moving

"There's a lot of people doing workouts online. I will post more if people feel like they need to see more [laughs]. But no, I feel like I see a lot of people do live workouts and a lot of gyms—I know Dogpound Gym does. So just prop up your camera and get off the couch and do it. It's just like any other year, where people will make excuses to not get up and get motivated but if you want something you'll really get up and you'll do what you need to do to get there."

If you’re feeling inspired by Jasmine Sanders, submit your chance to be featured in BACARDÍ’s “Conga Feat. You” campaign at by December 13.

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