Jasmine Perfumes Are About to Be Your Next Fragrance Obsession

Updated 04/25/19

Jasmine, with its flowery-meets-wooded scent, is apparently found in a whopping 83% of women's fragrances and—get this—33% of men's fragrances. It's subtly sweet, though, making it the perfect unisex note, so we can't say we're too surprised. What's shocking, however, are the effects of jasmine on the brain: It transmits messages to a region involved in controlling emotions and is said to help ease stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and even menstrual cramps and menopausal symptoms. In a test with mice, after smelling jasmine, the mice calmed down significantly to the point where they quite literally hung out in a corner and relaxed.

So, in other words, every time you spritz, you're also calming your mind. Ready for your own dose of the intoxicating scent and natural sedative? Keep scrolling to see our jasmine-infused fragrance picks.

Men's Adidas Prophere Sneaker
Byredo Flowerhead $230

Starting this list off strong, Byredo's musky Flowerhead is heady and bold but leaves you with a sweet citrus-floral after-scent—a mixture of tuberose, jasmine, Sicilian lemon, and lingonberry. It's a one-two punch bound to garner pleased sniffs everywhere you walk.

Addictive Arts Chasing the Dragon Euphoric Feminine
Clive Christian Addictive Arts Chasing the Dragon Euphoric Feminine $825

When smelling this fragrance, you're first met with sweet top notes, which are then taken over by warming cinnamon—it's like a hot toddy in perfume form.

Eau de Memo Eau de Parfum
Memo Paris Eau de Memo $275

Prediction: This will be your new go-to fragrance. It's a crowd-pleaser with its unexpected mix of jasmine, leather, and green tea. The combination lends itself to a fresh, sweet smell at first that's later followed by a warm, musky base.

Men's Adidas Prophere Sneaker
Gucci Bloom $124

Even if you aren't a fan of florals, this fragrance has a powder-fresh finish and a bit of spice to offset florals for anyone who's rose-averse.

Killian Imperial Tea $175

Said to smell like the vapor rising from a cup of fresh jasmine tea, this delicate scent adds just a touch of floral musk.

Demeter Jasmine Fragrance $40

The least expensive on the list, this pure jasmine fragrance is practically the same as sniffing a branch of fresh jasmine blooms.

Mugler Alien $120

A warm mix of jasmine, amber, and Cashmeran wood, this fragrance is a smooth, sensual smell encapsulated in a dark purple bottle to mimic an amethyst, which is said to cleanse the energy of negativity.

Olio Lusso
Rodin Olio Lusso $240

Elegant jasmine and neroli give off a "silky-soft feel" for a rich, long-lasting scent. Not to mention the bottle is incredibly chic, making it the perfect vanity accessory.

Tom Ford Jasmin Rogue $230

This deeply spicy, musky fragrance is the first of its kind: Never before has a perfume utilized jasmine sepals absolute, which is blended with dusky clary sage and rich spice. It's also sprinkled with black-and-white peppercorn for an extra punch. And if you need more seasonal scent inspo, take a look at the best winter fragrances.

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