Cue the Tears: Jared Leto Cut His Famous Flowing Hair

Over the past few years, Jared Leto's hair has grown to be something women (and some men) respect, even if they don't agree with it. Maybe flowing man-hair isn't your thing, per se. Maybe you're not a fan of dudes with ombre strands. But regardless of your personal stance, you have to give credit where credit is due. Because it takes effort, dedication, and time to get your locks looking like the kind of mane an Olsen twin would aspire to have. 

Yes, Leto's hair was a force of its own—a constant topic of chatter on social media, and something that took the spotlight at awards shows—because, damn, he made it look good. But as of today, Leto's long locks are no longer. David Ayer, director of the upcoming film Suicide Squad (in which Leto plays the Batman franchise's famed Joker), posted a somewhat emo picture of the star debuting his short new 'do. Ayer had posted an earlier teaser shot of a pair of scissors against a ponytail, asking "Should we do it?" (The answer was no, Ayer, the answer was no.) And yesterday he had posted an ominous warning that "Something will happen. Tomorrow." So clearly it was a planned hair transformation, likely for the role. 

We're a bit heartbroken, given that Leto had some of the best hair in Hollywood. But at least we have the memories. 

What do you think of Leto's short hair? Were you a fan of his flowing locks? Tell us what you think in the comments.