Would You Try This Simple Japanese Weight-Loss Trick?

How many times have you heard a model, celeb, or fitness-loving influencer credit “drinking plenty of water” as one of her top wellness secrets? Perhaps the real question is how many times have you heard this and rolled your eyes? When cited as the chief reason behind toned physiques and camera-ready beauty, it’s definitely easy to scoff at this seeming oversimplification. But then again, staying hydrated in the name of health in beauty isn’t just a modern fad—in some cultures, it’s a long-standing and highly valued ritual.

For proof, consider Japan, which boasts the highest life expectancy of any country in the world and is often referred to as the healthiest. It’s popular there to drink water immediately after waking on an empty stomach—a practice thought to stave off disease, stay slim, and promote a long and healthy life. While there isn’t a lot of research regarding this particular ritual, there’s still plenty of science to back some of those claims up. Keep reading to see what they are.