This Secret Cleansing Technique Is the Reason Japanese Women Barely Age

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Is it just me or do Japanese women never seem to age? Since my first trip to Tokyo at age 14, I've been obsessed with Japanese beauty. Even now, I never come home from a vacay without a suitcase jammed full of products. (My last trip I dropped $400 on skincare—clearly I take my job very seriously.) If you've ever visited yourself, you'll know Japanese women have some of the most youthful complexions in the world. Which is why I'll never stop digging for clues on how exactly they keep wrinkles at bay. 

I know Japanese women are big on holistic and natural beauty, and that their preoccupation with wellness shows up on their faces. Of course, they also follow relatively strict skincare regimens, and keep tabs on the latest top-rated products to ensure they're using the very best. Still, there is one thing Japanese women know that we in the rest of the world don't. And this one seemingly innocuous, wrinkle-avoiding habit is a huge part of the reason Japanese women stay so youthful. Ready to have your entire world turned upside down? 

The common cleansing mistake giving you wrinkles is..

According to Japanese beauty guru Melodee Morita (who follows a nighttime skincare routine so dedicated it practically guarantees flawless skin), simply using the wrong fingers to massage in your cleanser could be causing you both wrinkles and discoloration. Eek. Morita explains that friction is a key player in aging and says being gentle with your skin should be top priority if you want to keep wrinkles at bay: "Using the thumb and index finger can be too much pressure, so I like to focus the most on using the ring finger and middle finger." For maximum TLC, the beauty expert also suggests cleansing with a facial foaming net. This little-known Japanese skincare tool works by whipping any face wash into a dense lather that's then gently "rolled" across the skin. Using one essentially makes the cleansing process hands-free, removing any risk of applying too much pressure to your skin. (Check out Morita's nighttime skincare regimen video for more detail on how to use one.)

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