January Letter From the Editor: Reclaim Yourself

Updated 01/03/18

Happy New Year, Byrdie readers! Each month, I'll be sharing a video highlighting our monthly theme and giving you a sneak peek at some of the exciting content we have planned. In January, our theme is Reclaim Yourself.

There's something very powerful about the word "reclaim." You're not laying claim to something new, but rather actively taking back something that was already yours. It's such a strong visual, more so than the other "r" word we tend to overuse around this time of year (resolutions). This month, we're here to help you reclaim something very important: yourself. Because what better time to take back your beauty routine, workout regimen, and mental health than the dawn of a new year? Isn't it remarkable how just the concept of a brand-new year can make us all believe in the best of ourselves?

Let's lean into that belief (because it's true) and swap grandiose resolutions for smaller goals, like starting each day with a positive intention. Join us? Watch the video above to see what we have planned for you this January.

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